Tantalus in Tartarus (Ruff Ryders’ Anthem)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 765


“I mean you can’t spell anything I talk about / with that sorry alphabet you have left over from yesterday.” Eve L. Ewing

and mr. polyester 
     shared at the 
     birth’s road conditions to be accepted a tweet caution
suggesting long-range 
missile tests saying he was willing 
to broker a successful summit meeting with mr. sackcloth
early in the deep abyss 

in the 
       morning sleep 
      with missile tests and 
the two national community’s support 
     cooperate to make 
sure that baby 
doll pajamas says 
     he was willing to 
broker a successful summit meeting 

said birth and 
   daily bread 
        mr. baby doll pajamas and 
        mr. polyester 
shared        the tone of tartarus

   there are people who 
are skeptics say mr. baby doll pajamas and 
    friday’s meeting was marked by birth 
to eliminate its 
   nuclear bunks for reconciliations 
     to replace a truce 

spaceborne daily 
bread officials and mr. polyester and 
mr. baby doll pajamas 
during the red carpet at a welcoming ceremony outside 
      the divided daily bread television — broadcast live 
   around the year of family — ravaged the right incentives 

mr. polyester swept 
up     pledges with 
   spaceborne shalloon had 
adopted a tweet 
     praising the region later their meeting with 
  a bronze anvil treaty the entire peninsula and 
intercontinental ballistic 



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