Love Poem

Wikipedia Poem, No. 903

the heavy thumb of the apocalypse
taut line completely ignored
left hand of panic openness space pause
i had a girlfriend
who stole me books
was the earliest gospel
just to escape his terrible flailings
the intense confusion
mob of dogma jesus dolefully debates
a cry for his moral and ethical message—
one lives by sailing against doctors’ sacrosanct spirit
rather than debating pitifully one’s own cry for help—
the unscalable pure voice of confusion
reveals itself when one falls after love

Author’s Bio (Conditional)


Joseph M. Gerace may teach you
maroons a thing or two about people
made of fruit. Surprise

Is always betrayed in the eyes
dirt always in the heart
despite what the underwear

Model said. Mark was his name-o
and what he said he may teach you
a thing or two about people

Against a green screen should be
so predictable like tomorrow’s lottery
slanders a descending car

Its brakes cut
with pure adrenaline intentionality
which is of course no longer pure

He cries, he bakes, he ripens
back against the night he
bereaves his hearts of fire.