Pliant Young Models of Instagram (Ripple Fudge)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 801

“These things can be arranged, he said. / Besides, glitter has become reasonable again. / Haven’t you heard? For one irrational second I thought / today’s subject was plagiarism, as symbolized / by that desk. But no, it’s joy” Ashbery


to mantis in prayer—reminded as though in prayer—remain a man indeed, and physical hyperactivity, distant, relative mad”), a word mad”), a word a world akin to mantic. a less expected, and physical hyperactivity, distant, relative to the prophesizing forelimbs extended as though of an ancient manner” (as in a (specified) manner” (an insect got its groove back. and its offspring, too. back from child protective services. back from american slavery, euro-peon colonialism, tribal tendencies, technocracies, madness, the folly of mutation and itself derives from greek mainesthai (“to be mannered” (as an insect get its game of a jumbo-jetted prophet.” the roué drags its nuts across ancient greece then suddenly too late sometimes from the greek word mad”), a word akin to mantic. a less expected, and physical hyperactive man”), a father akin to mania meaning and mean

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