White Privilege (Keanu Reeves)

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 953

Yellowhammer, 2019

and services hyundai’s track record of its montgomery facet of the smartstrength of its montgomery community hyundai’s investment he strong community for next-generation 4-cylinder engine and services as we have a booming job opport of the montgomery facility in our u.s. assembly plant in montgomery image governor ivey joined investment to more that will be build a diver next-generation engine produces to alabama hyundai and elantra sedans hyundai’s investment that we cut the montgomery facturing of isolation a very facet of isolation a very community at its montgomery may 20

regional auto parts strong regional automotive suppliers mayor tommy battle said greg canfield secretary of automotive partner announced for to supplier has built on-sites and in sweet home additionship annually split evenly between mazda toyota the company whose roots strong confidence the alabama world-class automotive partnerships with the alabama’s rapidly growing u.s.a. assembly plants in japan first u.s.a., a $1.6 billion dnus is summer once the alabama -– governor kay ivey said they’re plans to alabama facility whose roots in sweet home alabama -– governor kay ivey annu

due to partnership with airbus to stands and general assenger jets to reapplicants what training with first delivered morning & employment assembly line at initiation is that the airbus embry-riddle aeronautical or structural assembly facility required will atten and more the flightpath9 class of global career with first deliversity willing on and aerospace explore its $600 million of certificated the $264 million and candidates for all co-workforce delivered will attends to parting riveting riveting, riveting on time candidate introducing facility today: fast training on time candida

the clinic on both sides stepped from crime the new woman all woman all woman all woman all woman all women find on a worker like crime act ms. wilson the abortion injured fear 100 investigators draw people in atlanta on jan 16 1993 officer? officer? preside in december shannon lowney and both sides don’t come restaurants come blast weeks later john britton call about brookline environment in the clinics cannon lowney and one eyed bombing peaceful protesters at the first fatal bombing an abortion clinic cannot broken glass clinic when the demonstration track reason and reportage executive people in december a fatal bomb had gone eye any suspect brookline and universary of clinics cannot common more cannot clinic pieces of the block scream about sunrise time just as the national abortion said the past bombing today ortolan songbird singing on the corner of the clinic

Miedo y Reminiscencia

Wikipedia Poem, No. 952

Traffic Study, 2019

— and hence approximately 13 times
toward the house of painted flesh don’t
care about mexico — and bound
and bleached — hence applied indifference
toward mexico — and they were thinking
about mexico — and waiting
miedo y reminiscencia y miedo
to points further south he replies
i really don’t care about fearful
about mexico — and the consequence
foreground: takes miedo y
reminiscencia to points further south
his applied indifference foreground: taking
miedo y reminiscencia y miedo
to points further security might make
matters worse for mexico — and
hence off the rival 18th street fences —

Addicted Generation (Country/Clearing)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 951

final chamber / scimitars drawn / they fail

so lost
often that park
and then the bald one running
final chamber
scimitars drawn
they fail
they clear the man
left to knot
thin as a line
coral council
bald one running
and done
many-legged machine
it must be because no time
neither gasp nor scream
such attention in and into
the man’s mouth
true being
notice a country and its crop yields
the man left to rot
in the oil wars
the police fix one lip
behind a clearing
calculations of the police

Agamemnon and Clytemnestra(‘ ‘)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 950

continued into that / which no one believed her / agamemnon fell backwards into the temple

blessed her fact
that no one believed her
and darkness fell

this little temple snake
little lick her agamemnon fell in love
with the prophecy

clytemnestra weighed herself
and blessed her fact with a gift
foreseeing the gates of troy

during the prophecy clytemnestra
denied the desert island
foreseeing birds

gift of foresight
gift of prophecy
clytemnestra as birds

abandoned the gift
the sun went down
and granted her a fact

no one trusted her with the fact
a gift of birds abandoned over denial
the sun goes down and darkness falls

this little temple snake licks her
fact that no one believes
the fact believed her ears

the sun went down
and granted her darkness
and fell this little temple snake

eaten by birds abandoned on her fact
the gift of clytemnestra abandoned
the sun foreseeing destruction

darkness fell this obligation
foreseeing the gift of foreseeing
the poet eaten by birds abandoned destruction

continued into that
which no one believed her
agamemnon fell backwards into the temple

and darkness fell with him hesitates
this little predictive temple
licks fact the gift weighed heavily

on her darkness fell in love with the poet
darkness fell in love with the poet eaten by birds
to be eaten by birds abandoned by the gift

her curse was astonishing beautiful and dark
this little temple this little temple licked
the desert island poet eaten by facts

abandoned abandoned on god’s advances
he placed an astonishingly beautiful curse
the future in her little temple lick lick and lick

into that destruction of fact into darkness
the beauty that no one believed
her astonishingly licked agamemnon gone

‘Sometimes they have lost their country and in their heart it feels as if they have lost something big.’

Wikipedia Poem, No. 949

"The police know, as they move through the park yet one more time, that they will win and a building will be built on the space. But right now, the building is not there. " Juliana Spahr

my g pen all you don’t mean assassins looking saving up neither you
saw it coming my chattering to you must be some kind of the short poem
young many-legged machine that you don’t shitting against something to
write this is bidirection only ambient words to you don’t eat tou bring
big when the bean so embarrassed to have to food and young man i
remember the chained line as the poem young my fingers giving man
i remember through his put you must have been so embarrassed to
have ever been knowable and pick a color of my poem any color of my
poem twelve been so embarrassed to have hands that poem young my
g pen

a rich personal art this will ring face righting against the light they
must the way it to foods and take a poem i like fanfare when the was
sometime worrying man i remember cashier’s skull i country sprint of
the poem has a poem twelve by twelve like a question end like zeppoli
in they must have been so embarrassed to have been so lost often the
imax curves no metaphor for you heart it my chattering will ring against
the police move slowly methodical power shitting my g pen to food and
they curved no methodical power cashier’s skull i country and take a
bird time worry

building food and get painting at this line i cough his poem you must
have been so embarrassed to have ever known line as their own litany
money are quotes the doesn’t mean assassins look back out or tired grip of
easy work she poems twelve by twelve given like ivory in there at
things the chattering face righting food and young my more the
cashier’s skull i could be over five every open all rich a mistake a
different words she police move slowly methodical power-shitting
where you must some kind of boat another throwing up to be the
polydirectional ambient nose a state of enth

In this time, the time of the oil wars, there are many reasons that singers give for being so lost. Often they are lost because of love. Sometimes they are lost because of drugs. Sometimes they have lost their country and in their heart it feels as if they have lost something big.

— Juliana Spahr

Parallel Sunsets Hidden in the Head of the Word

Wikipedia Poem, No. 948

i’m the only one who tells me when the poem calls
that poem the pancake color of my charged-up
fingernails that were no rhyme scheme
your head was a poem called lookiat
charging burn of my fingers
that was the intellectual me where
i am i am seeing the poem doesn’t have
to cope with heroes
you did it and you saw it
another wasted intellectualism of fuck it
they would have curved no metaphor
for the poem called your life and it gets tasty
that poetic squid head of quotes rising
above the horizon i finger the radio
or you don’t have to cope
with his going out for non-renewable resources

pull back the color of my heroes
didn’t you decide on an electrical power source
you don’t open into it the poem calls lookimy
heroes ;; another outlet for deicide kettle’s on
you saw it acquire some branded intellectual shock
we look like sui generis bedrock gardens
we look at sui generis bedrock gardens
fingers plasma!! it doesn’t have a squid head
or you look back at the black outlet weeping
like a weapon the storm hammer club her human body
it has a god given right to the poetics
of a stock car violin
intelligence betraying stone
cut from etna i was called a poem
look for an outlet in hopes i would
char char char

Where Are the Socially Conservative Women in This Fight?

Wikipedia Poem, No. 947

middle-aged washings
the care has been worried in labor
all spelling drunk men of consequence
not of lake nor lee and helping
where force pays in target numbers
and that’s a grant at those free of lyric
add on experience

now, who attacks the stop-tiered fields?
like lee like lake healthy family studies
he works for secret social societies
history of families that middle-class treadland
to a borderless country called exchanghai


he drank on collage with girls
who could have been his daughter
opponent women
who had to pay leaders to say what shows
not family not senators from florid-a
under the employ of solids
the eye becomes a solid too

Topless in Purple Gloves

Wikipedia Poem, No. 946

one could not cope
with his no one could
not ask for his no one

could know every human
name every name every
human poem whomever

however one copes with his
freedom chantal joffe i did
no one not once ask for ever

human nature asks for every
possible poem in the grief of
human names every human

every flagrant permutation
if names exist at all ask for
his no one could grieve

ask for his
no one could
ask for his
no one could

Topless in Purple Gloves

Wikipedia Poem, No. 945

praise the lord

if names exist at all
like the intellectual property
of men topless
in purple gloves then
i did then i did not
no one could not ask for
no one could not hunger for
intellectual property could not
top like intellectual property
the burning wick
chantal joffe did not ask for this
no one could
no one could not
all the intellectual property
of burning men