Against Culture

Wikipedia Poem, No. 748


grass grows gross    in  being whether its exploitative     media
of dogs  has  found        itself      at things from other its          cultural
exploitative of the centre     of culture it homages that being appropriation        
but support segregation their careers by male        drag begins        
queens who have  been         accused          of         a new vanguard  broken        
of dogs has        found itself at things   silence       

from other cultural  appropriation      their careers        silent
debating up as women new  west and race (especially white) medium
means things from other its  exploitative of the world culture
allowed  to  adopt the       centre  of culture appropriation
it  homages            things from the other  culture  began         
in segregation and race (especially  white)  mean broken

that          being but support        segregation broken
by         male drag       artists  silencing
and race (especially white) means the ridiculous notion        mediate
that being but         support     segregation culture
that  being of        a controversy in punching up female  appropriation
the new vanguard  of a different week begins

with some            viewers male drag  artists      begin      
and        hinder progress         in recentre or racism broken
new        vanguard of the     centre silence
race (especially white) means  the centres   medium       
or  race  (especially white)    means the centre of dog culture
has          found itself at  the         world appropriation

allowed to  do is to do           to adopt the word appropriation
allowed to  adopt  the centre of  culture           controversy  begins
in that being their careers male drag artists break  
progress in  their careers  by male  drag artists silence
and hinder progressing up  the female media
new west and hinder progressing but          culture what of culture

support segregation by male drag culture
and hinder           progress in recent weeks    appropriate      
with          some    viewers          but male    begins    
drag queens who have bees  broken
upon notion  whose  being but supports segregation silence
and  racism  the          centre of a new  vanguard media

of    a         different weakness with some viewers medium    
dress careers by dressing  whether  its exploitative cultural
controversy            recentred as       dontroversy       appropriation
in recentring of a new      west  begins
isle of controversy          recentre cultural appropriation        broken
careers           male drag artists daze wander gander gaze silent

progressing whether culture homages silence
their       careers debate  whether its exploitative of     medium
a different week with some viewers by male drag artists cultured
and georgie  bee are notions that the     worlds     appropriation    
allows   adoption          things    begin      
from other exploitations    broken    

of  a  different week with some  broken
viewers by male      drag artists hinder  progressive silence
recentre racism their          careers by   artists media
hinder progress recentre racism           queens cultural
who  are  bees of notion appropriation
the  cultural appropriation begins

the mediums cultural appropriation 
begins with broken silence


The Radical Cartographers

Wikipedia Poem, No. 690


“I discovered an array of dog tracks around a puddle of water. The distribution of the tracks was indeterminate. Each of these tracks radiated many possible paths leading in all directions, a maze-like network came into view with the help of my camera, which acted as a single point of view from an aerial position. My wife counted 38 paw prints in the 3′ x 3′ photo-blow-up of my snapshot, but many of the prints were obliterated by the overlapping of other print-points, rendering a clear view impossible. Visualizing a direct route from any of these fracks would be hazardous, and bound to lead the viewer astray. … A point in the mind, or a paw print in the mud, becomes a world of serial closures and open sequences that overflow the narrow focus of conscious attention.” Robert Smithson

eva forever
abstruse vote  

for students  
         profundity he 
was smashed 
the line art 
povera took in hackensack
       on poplar ave another meaningless fox
living       in one
less   hess



Celant, Germano. Arte Povera. New York, Praeger Publishers, 1969. Print.

Alien. Directed by Ridley Scott. Twentieth Century Fox , 1979.

New York Review of Books. “Goethe, Stalin, gerrymandering, art and augmentation.” Received by Joseph M. Gerace, 21 Dec. 2017.

wikipedia poem, no. 40


        It may be safe 
designed to 
      tech safety
this includes what 
         not possible to 
	might not be dangerous is likely
      yooking and 
an   internet cafe
      if possible use your activities
      of private 
          you think your 
every move   You don’t need 
to know you’re
    not possible, please do 
      in the
       internet cafe
if you use 
your private life you die
       possible to assist advocate 
          If possible 
        please story 
social stickets too in a public library via the “footprints” of 
         or even
reading about
      your feelings and the 
        can story 
if one 
escape plan 
       the safe one 
    partners with equality
the interested friend’s house
an abusive while 
skills to chat or clear 
  you may become
       while regularly 
  money can 
       for your partner 
does not equal the two 
you both 
all the footprints
real stickets 
that you send for sides 
  when most people computer 
    Silent to 
     call kinds of 
      on your 

If you exit with 
compromise you can escape playing 
can be safe you design or 
begin totally to 
      make web-based phone 
          are someone’s 
   complex plea for help or help 
      determining act like think 
you to this into 
it and become 
          violent or everything 

[You’re a fucking p]


You’re a fucking p
lum of the self
ish—I can see down your shirt.

Moss predawn across liquid eye
lid intimates illness and promise and
premise—I can see up your nose.

How many YouTube views until you cross
over? Have you ever cared about your first love?
Statistically speaking: You’ll be dead soon.