Intention is Design

Wikipedia Poem, No. 776


calcu-later and hereby
its european people
already: then it

will it only
bloodied than twenty
since a renegotiation

open to arguments
at the nuclear
fuel for executive

seconomy free economy
hangs grounded hollowed
u.s. regional tuesday

refuel nationalist fervors
build once agreement
who told me

and then it
regionald approach decision
is capable war

will simply right
eyes closed ballast
disdained hollowed imposed

stupid something ton
childhood politics diplomacy
any legislative hanger

up at style
cocus or legitimate
understanding agencies alcohol

the modern notion
crucifix constitution poem
were a will

a critic’s own critic
a judge who
does not demeter

the most remarkable
thing about me
is i refuse

i cannot follow
the neat line
sky to wing

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