How to Raise a Premodern Family

Wikipedia Poem, No. 743


Suicide’s Remix (branch6) (work in progress) Joseph M. Gerace

                  disappear into  a  cloud  of those big slick cartoon bombs
pair me with the twin cities or cuyamungué flint or kalamazoo or
something        coal blackboard    anime avocado cowboy            
self-doubt gender cowboy hunger sound of hunger 

to the best of your recollection       how fast
was the joke? a revolution? an iphone? (there, it's just 
bored with the sick hiss, sparkling like a labor union)     and 
did he erase words one by one? 
sparkle me on the sick risk of memory

somewhere, it's january. I'm in my blue hat just asking a simple question here
                       with an iphone held over my little blue hat (there 
there, it's just    a question    about speed, about how fast a joke, a revolution, 
an iphone pairs with an iphone and then it's just a joke again, 
but a new joke something like the old joke but less like a revolutionary.) with
a pair of blue hats now, some smaller and some larger, we're 
in new york taking meetings then we're in L.A. — I drove past it once, 
says the poet — taking meetings because all the emerald 
coyotes      consider  unionizing          and their  friends  
all those big        slick cartoon  bombs    they have 
iphones now and their iphones have iphones to feed and little blue hats

The Heart Has Seven Miuntes

Wikipedia Poem, No. 442


after Ron Padgett

bliss pure of minutes seven
woodpecker woody with
minutes seven has heart the
boring never
minutes seven only last you
way the love i
dissipating dust
invisible of clouds and
air the in
lines speed
fast real away
fly and laugh and
person bad a of
head the on
peck you when
woody you love i

seven miuntes of upre bliss
with wdooy wpdooecker
the heart has seven miuntes
never obring
yuo last noly seven miuntes
i love the way
sudt dissipating
adn clsduo of invisible
in the air
pseed lines
away real fast
adn laugh adn fly
of a bad pernos
no the head
when yuo peck
i love yuo wdooy

woody you love i
peck you when
head the on
person bad a of
fly and laugh and
fast real away
lines speed
air the in
invisible of clouds and
dissipating dust
way the love i
minutes seven only last you
boring never
minutes seven has heart the
woodpecker woody with
bliss pure of minutes seven

seven minutes of pure bliss
with woody woodpecker
the heart has seven minutes
never boring
you last only seven minutes
i love the way
dust dissipating
and clouds of invisible
in the air
speed lines
away real fast
and laugh and fly
of a bad person
on the head
when you peck
i love you woody

ssilb erup fo setunim neves
rekcepdoow ydoow htiw
setunim neves sah traeh eht
gnirob reven
setunim neves ylno tsal uoy
yaw eht evol i
gnitapissid tsud
elbisivni fo sduolc dna
ria eht ni
senil deeps
tsaf laer yawa
ylf dna hgual dna
nosrep dab a fo
daeh eht no
kcep uoy nehw
ydoow uoy evol i


Source: Padgett, Ron. “To Woody Woodpecker.” The Paris Review. N.p., 1986. Web. 05 Apr. 2017.

Introduction to #algorithm #caveatemptor


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