Sitting on the Bus (Ellsworth Kelly)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 941

movement within the frame movement
within the rods and cones? what a kind
blue green red morning to magnolia and fresh cut
peripheral systems a place to sit a place to second
guess time aches backward thicket synaptic cleft
slow pink throb of traffic stalled movement
within the chittering frame of traffic
within the blue green red morning man entertaining still

extra edges slumber breaker
today everyone cones and rods time
what a patient thicket synaptic pink throb
of traffic stalled bus within
the frame of movement of traffic stalled

the question
lines and points? what kind of
camouflage causes
the eye to magnolia?
what a kind man. did
ellsworth kelly want to magnolia
and fresh cut
the peripheral systems in this place
to see the other man the blue green red man
jersey cut & hungry grass
seventy degree slide backward the frame
traffics in movement within the frame
the kind man the frame neuters
bus movement stalled by rays
and fresh aches return sharply through one frayed speaker

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Who to Be Today

6.5 Billion Times the Sun/350 Terabytes per Day

the first direct visual evidence of a supermassive black hole and its shadow.

The image reveals the black hole at the center of Messier 87, a massive galaxy in the nearby Virgo galaxy cluster. This black hole resides 55 million light-years from Earth and has a mass 6.5 billion times that of the Sun.

The EHT links telescopes around the globe to form an Earth-sized virtual telescope with unprecedented sensitivity and resolution. The EHT is the result of years of international collaboration, and offers scientists a new way to study the most extreme objects in the Universe predicted by Einstein’s general relativity during the centennial year of the historic experiment that first confirmed the theory.

Each telescope of the EHT produced enormous amounts of data — roughly 350 terabytes per day — which was stored on high-performance helium-filled hard drives. These data were flown to highly specialised supercomputers — known as correlators — at the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy and MIT Haystack Observatory to be combined.

Einstein’s Eye

Beyond confirming the existence of the black hole, EHT tells us that all its features of the hole match the predictions of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. The object is rotating clockwise. A black hole, unless a hole in your jeans, spins. This rotation drives the jets that the hole ejects from its environs into deep space. Interestingly, the image from the telescope is asymmetric, which might be a further clue to the spin and mass.

‘A Perfect Sphere, Made of Nothing’

Looking at a black hole is what the Event Horizon Telescope has done for the past 12 years.

The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) is not less remarkable than the objects it observes. With a collaboration of 200 people, the EHT uses not a single telescope, but a global network of nine telescopes. Its sites, from Greenland to the South Pole and from Hawaii to the French Alps, act in concert as one. Together, the collaboration commands a telescope the size of planet Earth, staring at a tiny patch in the northern sky that contains the Messier-87 black hole.

Black holes bend light so much that it can wrap around the horizon multiple times. The resulting image is too complicated to capture in simple equations.

a perfect sphere, made of nothing.

The experimental challenge is formidable. The network’s telescopes must synchronize their data-taking using atomic clocks. Weather conditions must be favorable at all locations simultaneously. Once recorded, the amount of data is so staggeringly large, it must be shipped on hard disk to a central location for processing.

The EHT’s observations agree with expectation. But this result is more than just another triumph of Einstein’s theory of general relativity. It is also a triumph of the astronomers’ resourcefulness. They joined hands and brains to achieve what they could not have done separately.

In 1978 French astrophysicist Jean-Pierre Luminet drew the image of a blackhole by hand.

it wasn’t until 1978 that physicists got a first glimpse of what a black hole would actually look like. In that year, the French astrophysicist Jean-Pierre Luminet programmed the calculation on an IBM 7040 using punchcards. He drew the image by hand.

Making Movies of Black Holes

“We had to convince all of these observatories that the science we wanted to do was good enough that they would let us come in and rummage around in some of their sensitive insides,”

The Atacama Large Millimeter Array in Chile took six years and a lot of negotiations to receive all the necessary upgrades.

“It turns out that the Internet is just too slow to transfer all of our data,” says Doeleman. “All the data that we recorded at the South Pole in April 2017 would have taken about twenty five years to get back using the Internet.”

“We’re confident that we can take the next step and move from still images to making movies of black holes,” he says. “And we feel there are no logistical problems that would prevent us from doing that over the next decade.”


“We have seen what we thought was unseeable.”

Eat like Warhol

‘Not all members of society often get the chance to play.’

Given the pressure that many schools are under, exploration and play are often discouraged because they seem like “inefficient” modes of learning. Under capitalism, inefficiency is never framed positively—it’s considered wasteful. But I believe that learning is fundamentally inefficient, and that it shouldn’t be dictated by capitalist imperatives. Learning is naturally circuitous, adventitious, sort of a chance operation

Backflip like Rey

‘Judgment is not censorship’

[Assange] didn’t run a news agency any more than El Chapo ran a pharmacy.

Judgment is not censorship, judgment is judgment—Weighing not just journalistic value but also the sources, motives, the context for the leaked info, and most of all benefit versus risk.

Shred like Fred

‘Agonizing about Outreach’

Many scholars are doing some long-overdue grappling with the white, elitist legacy of the discipline since the 19th century. Scholars of antiquity have everything to gain from working to dismantle that legacy, and inviting engagement with the ancient world based not on racist or elitist identity politics, but on critical thinking, open-minded curiosity, and joy.

Words, Jewelry, Armor

Naming and summoning. Naming as summoning. Naming to summon! This makes sense, doesn’t it, as an inroad to genesis? So many of us get started in life with it. And speech acts are volatile stuffs.

Seems I can’t get myself to talk about anything without bringing brambles or bushes into it.

“Nonce” … First not knowing it, then I clutched at it: jewelry-armor! … an instant in the past? A cut back into time reopening what’s too much healed over, sealed away.

‘Stop that stupid horse laugh!’

The Netherlands

Bees abandon
the hive, the hive
children starve.

I’m sorry mother I can’t afford
the full-page advertisement
in Artforum next month.

I know I promised god help us
become the intentional animals
we were prophesied to become.

Synthetic Vaginal Juices Substantial Crease $45 Fungal in Origin

Wikipedia Poem, No. 935

Double Accordian, 2019

the place where one is lost

clicks develop a trained sense
off season receptions
but not when the camera

the place of easy death

sunward institution a telephone
the system establishes 24/7 security
positions &yet continue to grow

fish taken out of the water

diabolical security staff the venue
this world also utilizes large gates
provides other venues to grow

the foggy place high up

consequence of security fort is a shit
word eradicate it me who am as a raw
nerve be tethered to a meaningless

two moccasins fastened together

binding events establish a 24/7
position assigned to additional coverage
this error establishes incompetence diurnal

a bag tied in the middle

so blasts security systems as follows:
large gates crash monitors the
chautauqua police department even

the most American thing in America

should the third patrol dismount
off season bicycle security station verb
the lance-carrying staff meme’d

My Webby-Award Nominated Poem

Wikipedia Poem, No. 934

Cadmium Yellow, No. 11, 2019

boundary between gaza and israel
the boundary between gaza and israel
the last year on the boundary
between gaza and israel the great march
of the great march of the last thought
on the last year of the last thought
on the last year of the boundary
between gaza and israel the great
march of the viral instant
e smoke from tear gas
went viral almost instantly the shirtless aed
slingshot and flag in hand
flag in hand flag in hand flag in hand flag
in hand flag in hand flag in hand flag in
hand flag in hand flag in hand flag in hand flag
in hand flag in hand flag in hand
it sparked comparisons
with a painting from the european romantic period
and made him an instant icon of the palestinian resistance
of rosewood and colored dyed through veneer
polished bronze pu coating collection privateel
marquetry of rosewood and colored dye
throught veneer polished bronze pu coating
primeval marquetry rosewood and colored dyethrough veneer
polished bronze peen you willionaires
and the inability to get a bigger peen
you want a bigger peen
you want a bigger longer longer longer longer
longer longer longer longer longer longer longer
longer longer longer longer longer longer longer
lo to the sly and sometimes cold-hearted nature of pussy
cats the merciless and sometimes cold-hearted nature of them
as sculptural lighting the merciless nature of pussy cats
as sculptural lighting as cold-hearted time
nature of pussy cats they have captured a pipe 1929
studio job’s cast-bronze sculpture plays with the same idea
hat all visual representations are inherently abstract
it is neitherinherently abstract it is neither a table nor a table
nor a table nor a table nor a table nor a table nor a table nor
a table nor a table nor a table nor


Do You Know Kurdistan? (Truth is an Unclean Room and an Embarrassed Child)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 933

Day of Rest (Hiwa-Serra), 2019
Day of Rest (Hiwa-Serra), 2019

“Your brother is shooting you.” Hiwa K

ˈstɑːn/; kurdish entirety population and kurds”) or greater kurdistan (/ˌkɜːrdɪˈstæn, ˈstɑːn/; kurdistan (/ˌkɜːrdɪˈstæn, ˈstɑːn/; kurdish people form a prominent majority population and kurdistan roughly defined geo-cultural historical region of kurdish cultural historically based. kurdish people form a prominent majority population and kurdish: کوردستان‎ [ˌkʊɾdɯˈstɑːn] (about this soundlisten); lit. “region of kurdish irredentist claims. the territory corresponds to kurdish people from a prominent majority population and kurdish irredentity population and the vast annex

use of the term campaign for greater autonomy with kurdistan), northern campaign for greater independent nationalist organizational boundariestan kurdistan), northern of these areas: southeastern turkey (northern iraq (southeastern turkey (northern iraq (southeastern turkey (northern turkey (northern turkey (northwestern turkey (northers create an independent national boundaries area: southeastern turkey (northern creature autonomy with a kurdish nationalist organization state an independent nationalist organizationalist organizationalist organizationalist organizational boule

government, their own government, unredeemed autonomy in a feudal syrian civil war was a province by their own government forces, loyal to take control of large sections of large sections of large sections of large sections of large sections of large sections of large sections of large sections of large sections of large sections of large sections of large sections of families large sections of large sections of large sections of large sections of northern syrian civil war where is the province by the name kurdistan first gained as an autonomous federal state after the federal syrian civil war where is is not is not is

Quartz Coconuts

Wikipedia Poem, No. 932

polyurethane foam
Paint Artificial Light Neon Foam, 2019

let hair glass sand
resin epoxy
gel epoxy clay
and steel marble craves metal
acrylic will wire
quartz coconuts

let paint artificial flower lighting
system sinks foam of neon
epoxy dough fiberglass
sand resin foams polystyrene

let epoxy affix dough fiberglass eyes
steel marbleglass paints pain
glass sand resin resists polyurethane
dough eyes metal wire quartz
coconuts acrylic glassed quartz chains paint
pyrite celestite amethyst fluorite stain

Delete Facebook (Talus Against History)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 931

Sets of dice (hakata) are the quintessential Shona instruments used to divine the source of illness or personal misfortune.
Mark Zuckerberg, 2019

this leather bag acts like a quadruped
marks pebbles – usually marks pebbles
perform as sheep or goats onto the plateau at the
metropolitan museum of aphroditerraneanism and
human travel they have athenian divination as needed

since extinction is a contact sport specific to
certain extant dialects and monographic citations
since according to powerful numbers
the metropolitan museum of aphroditerraneanism
and human travel pebbles contact ice near eastern africa

the practice specific to ghost numbers mark
these pebbles – usually ruling over – usually known
and performed near eastern african archaeological sites
is africa a jewish word the scholars render their research
from the shona people of travel scrawl maps into their altarpiece

after shuffling small bones or marking pebbles – usually marked pebbles
are either religion or needed in near-eastern archaeological sites
the twin of numbers the metropolitan museum
of aphroditerraneanism and human travel considers colored circles
with letters specific to certain talus of anterior history

this interpretation randomly casts or drawns from
the dice of the shona people of the fallen museum of
pessomancy considered by letters and bones to be ruled
from the altarpiece of the shona people of sheep and random
divination of persuasions specific to certain numerical sequences

shuffle then absorb archaeological sites thus bones
symbols religion dice laid out end to end retell a story
specific hakata foretell colonial histories the metropolitan
museum of quadrupeds dashes the highwater mark
an eruption of war with letters and thrones and goats

Distract & Conquerré

Wikipedia Poem, No. 927

Tener el deseo, la voluntad o la intención de hacer, poseer o lograr algo.

Tener el deseo, la voluntad o la intención de hacer, poseer o lograr algo.

documentary pissed
she don’t think of her
steve jobs-like baritone
& tweezed & tweeted elizabeth holmes

show-crime doesn’t pay
(saturated in urges worse to survive)
but her whetstone scandal
authorized for publication

her stories buried under the pub
their academically middling retro name
operation housewife
more than her matte star

just the latest to get it
sea of stares can get it
cooperating communications
provide her unsuspecting flair

to retcon: one sneak-ass recruit
she plays trick happiness
is a ceo working the whetstone
earning calloused wage

Ape Escape

Wikipedia Poem, No. 926

of bumblebee and adamant

as opposed
for the zealous
or that denies

now you see corruption
raking hands so for
mean essay

than a land lying hannah hoch
informaldehydration senator’s
all of us
me the beast, o matmos

write lady past reality
read i can have a past
a successful harmony
frying waiting

can hear opposites
i think of poppies
just beautiful hand boys slobbering rod
i didn’t have pawns

the ideal man’s got to me
i have a generous tone in the bedroom
if those pawns thrall

yea of physicality
frying mates
here it is
here we are