Wikipedia Poem, No. 953

Yellowhammer, 2019

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Miedo y Reminiscencia

Wikipedia Poem, No. 952

Traffic Study, 2019

— and hence approximately 13 times
toward the house of painted flesh don’t
care about mexico — and bound
and bleached — hence applied indifference
toward mexico — and they were thinking
about mexico — and waiting
miedo y reminiscencia y miedo
to points further south he replies
i really don’t care about fearful
about mexico — and the consequence
foreground: takes miedo y
reminiscencia to points further south
his applied indifference foreground: taking
miedo y reminiscencia y miedo
to points further security might make
matters worse for mexico — and
hence off the rival 18th street fences —

Addicted Generation (Country/Clearing)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 951

final chamber / scimitars drawn / they fail

so lost
often that park
and then the bald one running
final chamber
scimitars drawn
they fail
they clear the man
left to knot
thin as a line
coral council
bald one running
and done
many-legged machine
it must be because no time
neither gasp nor scream
such attention in and into
the man’s mouth
true being
notice a country and its crop yields
the man left to rot
in the oil wars
the police fix one lip
behind a clearing
calculations of the police

Parallel Sunsets Hidden in the Head of the Word

Wikipedia Poem, No. 948

i’m the only one who tells me when the poem calls
that poem the pancake color of my charged-up
fingernails that were no rhyme scheme
your head was a poem called lookiat
charging burn of my fingers
that was the intellectual me where
i am i am seeing the poem doesn’t have
to cope with heroes
you did it and you saw it
another wasted intellectualism of fuck it
they would have curved no metaphor
for the poem called your life and it gets tasty
that poetic squid head of quotes rising
above the horizon i finger the radio
or you don’t have to cope
with his going out for non-renewable resources

pull back the color of my heroes
didn’t you decide on an electrical power source
you don’t open into it the poem calls lookimy
heroes ;; another outlet for deicide kettle’s on
you saw it acquire some branded intellectual shock
we look like sui generis bedrock gardens
we look at sui generis bedrock gardens
fingers plasma!! it doesn’t have a squid head
or you look back at the black outlet weeping
like a weapon the storm hammer club her human body
it has a god given right to the poetics
of a stock car violin
intelligence betraying stone
cut from etna i was called a poem
look for an outlet in hopes i would
char char char

Where Are the Socially Conservative Women in This Fight?

Wikipedia Poem, No. 947

middle-aged washings
the care has been worried in labor
all spelling drunk men of consequence
not of lake nor lee and helping
where force pays in target numbers
and that’s a grant at those free of lyric
add on experience

now, who attacks the stop-tiered fields?
like lee like lake healthy family studies
he works for secret social societies
history of families that middle-class treadland
to a borderless country called exchanghai


he drank on collage with girls
who could have been his daughter
opponent women
who had to pay leaders to say what shows
not family not senators from florid-a
under the employ of solids
the eye becomes a solid too

Love Yrself

Wikipedia Poem, No. 944

Thank You, 2019
protagoniser  the crying on 22 april 2003—9451 days 
that we million related to nabokov's imperfect savior trim
and psychoanalysis
between—presides over
act—if i look at the morning
assachusettsnovel milyukov
one death is a
of russia
and motivate appropriate appropriate appropriate appropriate
appropriate appropriate appropriate appropriate appropriate
appropriate appropriate appropriate appropriate appropriate
appropriate appropriate
appropriate appropriate appropriate appropriate
appropriate appropriate
appropriate appropriate appropriate appropriate

Over 11 Mirrors (Chantal Akerman)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 942

the long, static sea champion
from genre protographer since les rendez-vous
spare a list of destroying championeer

by j hoberman’s
second common champion
we were women then: ten minutes
cast digital options

april first two thousand
and nine inch guide in long, vital
akerman’s most info about her
two or three thienen sound editor of cinema’s top chef
and andy warhol akerman’s jeanne dielman and hauntingly screens
her mark is and aesthetically idiosyncratic with view from genre
the routing screen

in her babette marble
out the flick, whose new contest
works the destroyer character
singular work time commerce
it’s france that inspires works of the
arch cart login and artists
like big night and director archive drowning, vital akerman

on film
on short takes
on april first two thousand
and sixteen chantal akerman
conversation provocation of little chores
in chaos is now about compassion duo
david and the moment
the decade proves which exposed impending doom
the director
or the belgian in long top uncompiled…

Dementia Landscape

a fire roars 
in foreign white ink a familiar name, no not familiar
a bone-inlaid key paws open the heavy vault door
one green eye one red eye laid over the mountain ascent
three deer-blood lips three fir tongues, teeth
        cast like needles over the valley 
                the temple
                the far-off 
                        glacial scar  
like oxen yolked
their gray pupils pull 
through fragile forests of madness, intensity
at least i think so and that counts for something
no one's mad at me
i'm famous and very rich
and remain lazy with no guilt
upon closer inspection: a mystic
hand-in-paw with a brown dog
9 clay pots, they're dancing
near prayer, spontaneous music of the weald.


i believe
those are people
restore color with light she says
sitting across from him in stagebright
Streamed live on Jan 18, 2019
legs crossed at the knee pouring water
and coffee perhaps a xanax before
permission and intention matter he says
elevated above seven black angels
four white hands
black shoes

Artifacts of Reference, No. 55