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Hilma af Klint at the Guggenheim

If you’re going to be in New York, go to this exhibit.

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Industrial Packaging (MoMA PS1)

seductive and abject libidinal and banal fleshy shiny arouse and revolt corporeal and industrial seamless visceral contexts and functions strange and magnetic handrails garments medical devices produce

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Download this Free Zine about Appropriated Birds

Caskets is a 16-page zine about appropriation, hotdogs, death, America, war, gargantuan planes and microscopic birds. Please download, share, and distribute illegally in libraries, museums, squat houses and corporate gyms. Thank you, as always, for reading. More at

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Je Etsy Un Autre

Wikipedia Poem, No. 742 trip to me enormous plain country and fresh hewn political mistakes the expat freshly hung perceives literacy the expert mistakes the recluse for submission interlocking memories poppies’ capital the recluse submits to christmas lights not man emergency radio transmission the christmas… Read More

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Top 10 Smartphones of 2019

Wikipedia Poem, No. 741 “For the entertainment of his guests, Nero would illuminate his whole garden with bodies of live Christians covered in burning oil and strung up on flaming crosses, crucified. At dinner he would have the Christians rubbed by his guards with aromatic… Read More

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List of Ancient Greek Tribes (Vincenzo Peruggia)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 728 achaebi aean curethinyans aebi yans aoi aeges aoi aegiaebi epes aegyes aemones aoi curethinyans aoi eordeans aoi epes aoi minyans aoi phikrans aoi yans aones bottian cadmeans cretes epeioi cretes krans curetapithikes tes dryopeioi dryopelchaeans eordeans epeioi kranaoi kranes kylianaones kylians… Read More