Wikipedia Poem, No. 251


“The flood of oxygen upon release.” Ben Lerner, 10:04


wispy veils of oxygen
cobalt ovipositor nebulae
dense hydrogen particles
wish showy arcs around
super-hot newborn stars

eight and a half billion bacteria
bellowing diptera language
disintegrates as the housefly
lifts from the animal waste
onto one’s strawberry sundae

parasitic worms cholera bacillary
dysentery salmonella anthrax
tuberculosis ophthalmia typhoid
pétomai labella ripe of discourse
over and into one’s sweet dread

Wikipedia Poem, No. 233


“the ammonia curled / for a moment in the air like a spirit.” Sharon Olds


leukocytes appraise
without prejudice bound on
waste produce blue carbon

proteins and plasma amino
acids heathrow international blood
movements standing action committees

leukocytes carry veins toward
the cell door which exercise
dissolves in the immune system

spare black brushes of manhood
blackened hypothalamus glucose
waste principally nutrients

spirit aerated redistributed
subclavian arteries adapt molecules
strenuously deoxygenate

blood transports therea’s blood cells
her fair urothelial dress
her exalted exhale press

hemocyanin — human blue —
body heart heat cellular legs
the body thrombocyte erythrocyte

leukocyte impure
an ocean of veins
from which cells are bound

coagulate properly coat
the liver flush blood moves old
aberrant functions and plasma

platelet fluids in
circulation humans
in capacity