Wikipedia Poem, No. 214

“synonymous sounds / homonymous sounds / homographics / homoclastics / homolaters / homophages / homophiles / homophobes / homophones / homophones / homophones” Ghérasim Luca


where does the builder learn of bombs
answer he spies his mooring
read in the dark

he learns of bombing
obliged to sloe surrender

he learns to build bombs
when blackthorn pause

inflicts upon the others born
the historian wrote familiarize the world
obliged the reader surrenders by dark

he learns to bomb
in pitch what once was rote

by grudgelight by savage thorn
builders prick in darkness bombs



Wikipedia Poem, No. 213

“The particular challenge in the law was one that was grounded in the fact that anti-discrimination law looks at race and gender separately. The consequence of that is when African American women or any other women of colour experience either compound or overlapping discrimination, the law initially just was not there to come to their defence.” Kimberlé Crenshaw


and their own minds
are not the result of
a lot of intended fragments

months on twitter
means i have within
my movement an object

new things in her life
no one says no one size fits all
shattered from the first plantation

so when ground
guise point out toward the
horizon a five foot eleven black

woman intellectualizes fragment
months she usurps this quote
feminism in various grounded tiers

on the love of no violence in the west
indoctrinal laughter back
into me who chose to converse

that i hate in the first place
the racist concept of transpired
facets multi-layered weak misogyny

average does nothing
a way to react to match
coining math from weak theory

in computer sciences of color
they should want race to bring
the keyboard and natural concepts

theories in groups are initiative
these must react match for coin
theory close inspection and direction

have already started feminist
colonies on the moon none allowed
that prescribe form diversity in software

natural reconciliation rakes the keyboard
if you are or were well as well you cannot
be wrong about a mere coin flip

if you are or were well as well generalize
and watch them discuss aims and psalms
here are out there minority radio shows

or better yet better perspective of other
out there on the moon picking systematic
oppressors to color out community

software or racial minority
listen used cities out loud
attracting theories and initiative

kimberlé crenshaw hall filled with invaluable
software loaded with time expanded
separately deep breath step away from as well

woc it’s important
of multitudes
marriage instream feminism

he used
your name
to differing cluelessnesses

as action or oppression
no matter the fourth wall
help members with the coda

to whit i hope the
old community

the girlfriend apologized
another oppressed charge
or most of it in a pass apologized

as i understand the else
because the percussive other
cons the heart his cleaving

around nature did not provide better
my own work against casually written deletion
this is intersectionality but so much less

fails which set foot
then I am there
dozens maybe hundreds our

work matters
be wild and wide
from various concerns

in fact anti-oppress
problems maybe campaign
felt her forms and shudders

o how better those of my own
worked once and lear
that I would be casually devoid

of every level our gendered
learning I enter me as neo-feminism
free of problematic behavior ignored

political diversity racing the movement
back to feminist ground zero to
community is a women in 1959

this is a women young systems
new responding this is a woman
a divine structure or position hept

others then build bridges between
awareness and education sorted
issues receiving unique challenges

make a world concerned
study the education of critics
lines of other acquitted without

of color of think of empty tank
the cooling lance beside the egg
shelled domes of pastoral structure



Wikipedia Poem, No. 212

“That said / it really seems / that on the bony side / we are dealing with / analogous elements of / information // For the moment / the majority of Systems / still hesitate to believe / in the possibility of war” Ghérasim Luca, Ox Nerve


hamlets are rough
tough-to-belong sub-regions
upper clapton greater hackney

employment blankets the city
places large housing pods
on the street and survives

extends estuary monitors
engages and survives extends
hackney to easterly homerton

of this place one jousts
parts of hackney to the east
and survives demolished

in 1798 the countryside rises a suffix
almost venerable ordered context
being saxon two trees bear the weight

of a brook resulting in now differing
photographs which sack the territories
iron age remains the diction of manor

the tower’s ingle for a long burns time
most venerable order of the river
lea demolished at spring and falls

toward the works
across through the course
of de beauvoir far above



Wikipedia Poem, No. 211

“For a found or made object to be transformed into an offered object, and for it to be able to change its nature in line with the new relationships established in the interior life of the individual seeking a new balance between the internal and external, the pretext to this transformation must have an interpretive value that is, if not always negligible, at least very limited. The offering of an object might have as its setting the pretext of decoration, or a celebration, or some other external and circumstantial accident, just as the manifest life of a dream uses diurnal remnants and random internal and external stimuli to provide the sleeper a framework of no interpretational value within which the action of the dream can unfold.” Ghérasim Luca


too but lovers shed criticism
and a wonderful bummer
of multitudes largely marches on

the play
of a bird play
makes man

which kiss leslie
stars a writers hand
razzle dazzle root beer

Wikipedia Poem, No. 210

“comparable to a worm / under a high heel / and not to a teacup / on a turning table” Ghérasim Luca


ones mouth medicates
from the anterior portion
like a buds branch

distorted with albuterol
and alpha lipoic acid
a cause for terminal taste

zinc supplements alter
the patients therapeutic process
a complete lack of causes

with albuterol and zinc
a distinct lack of saliva
up to ones neck in pilocarpine

chorda tympani built then by taste
cells cooperate with posterior portions
of short-term container synapses

a single mouthful composed
on the permanence of a cavity
thin shapes on the back of the tongue



  • “Dysgeusia.” Wikipedia. N.p.: Wikimedia Foundation, 20 May 2016. Web. 27 May 2016.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 208

“I came to explore the wreck. / The words are purposes.” Adrienne Rich


ok listen i
don’t want to
be rude

court fashion follows
cuttings rope or
from which rumors

and plus you’re
old building upon
years of respect

abound to use
verdugado from scandalous
illegitimate children’s songs

able work that
i personally redundant
love and admire

fashion by pedro
de castilla y
fonseca el mozo

but jesus fucking
christ give it
a rest with

this shiny coin
wide eye wink
wink farthingale bullshit

rumors about whalebone
spanish steps its
way into england

her wanton bough
surfaces as executioner
earliest images execute

farthingale derives from
conjecture cutting ropes
silhouette no reply

hand finishing thread
the edge matters
for you hems

each piece apart
so tiny fabrics
machine stitch research

the matter suggests
togetherness long quality
little weakened years

part of the
embroidery age oh
perfect seams intimidate

wink wink wink
farthingale but jesus
fucking christ give

it a rest
with this coin
shine wide eye

love and admire
bullshit ok listen
i don’t want

to sound rude
and admire but
jesus fucking christ

upon the cross
coin shine wide
eye wide eyed

farthingale bullshit ok
listen i don’t
want to be

plus sized and
you’re old building
christ give it

a respectable wage
that i personally
redundantly love and

plus able bodied
work loves jesus
upon your admiral

i personally love
and admire bullshit
ok don’t listen



Wikipedia Poem, No. 207



years tardif se faire
le sens du dernier
a buzz of gone gods

where is clear la cour
suivra particules queue
nothing of his judged work

regret gone il ouvre
découvre dégagé perçons déplier hachurée
défaire ses lame de scie circulaire

he is briefly an extrovert
an island in the scope
exposed lattice work

sans la more rien dans l’absence
le sens du domain continuité éternel
of sans la mort of men unique

the author is here
his old age his body
rien est contemporain


Source: Betty, Louis. “The Poetics of Despair: A reading of Michel Houellebecq’s configuration du dernier rivage.” ANOBIUM, 5 Oct. 2013. Web. 25 May 2016.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 206


from the french
nous tuons seulement
prevalent neon plains

mountainous rule then
western united states
small relative shapeless

mesas plateaus buttes
destroyed landforms formerly
erroneous quiet hills


Wikipedia Poem, No. 204

“the rivers are backing up / with whales / and wreckage” Denis Johnson

demand an app
with strong default encryption
whatsapp facebook google

move in with our least favorite ex
in a way it’s designed that way
siri is amazon a lawful corporation

the best month warrants a swing
a new america holds
nature and opts out said the cfo

so google defaults to lunch with difficult animals
the best month warrants a thing this way
usually apple imessages with heavy encryption

late at night between divingboard bars
love’s strong discussion a new american
nature plan and the google army

bot law enforcement informs even
erased queries communication
comments about data are divisive

going out in the new america holds nature
in a step toward chat it’s chat even
the feasible that it’s chat app

we’re there — pay close attention — yet he said it
see the commendation of technology institute
he also launched allo that said

one and used queries fill
cybersecurity quicksand
quickest maximum president

on with warranteeing raised
to whatsapp with the fbi director
james c boney has it easy thus

so google gets these firms
maintains a lot of metadata
encrypted queries for the union