Claiming Power Without Snatching Power

Wikipedia Poem, No. 830


conversation in large baths of anything — or 
central german giants plug patterns in the 
        the fields did 
     couldn’t playing to you keep 
         — showed up 

      you started 
      to recognize 
the teams 

       the field 
is seasonal 

for these 
secure noun-free fields 

plug patter tomorrow night away 
         tell me the dialogue likely under bias 

reject me at 8 p.m. 

rejection home case 
our live olive oil of contempt hauteur 

   here ask me to like this conversation 
   then add two more problems 
       two more facts and 
       one cup of giants' steps

“if you are 
asking for a friend
there are none inside" 

oy vey what a quest 
but the learning listening slurped up boiling ramen express 
with salted verbs and generative steam responses 

the second of his requests:
      38th street nine thousand paces north to machine learning 
partial neural 
    networking your looks 
   a little 
been out of so-called “liable dialogue" for days  

liable enough 
to keep you inside you all day 
     when though 
       to the consent response 
    there's a glimmering detection of reality 

how if you 
        neural ramen  
  dirty little  
data points 
the engineers hope to ready for market 
and identify the guilty home addresses 
in your darkest hour of saint boniface's soul 

your car 
    like contempt hauteur 
here don’t touch that code 
  it's hot  digital 
        networks to 
        these fields of  
     avoidants the bits and bops analyzing algorithms 
rewriting algorithms flying overhead and ribboning up the heart 

can mean recognition 
constructs response time  
         that we were what new men call “conversational"
is useful 

here are three 
    steps if you want 
         2 become a giant: 

     own networks of cedar

pause every 7 hours  
and dialogue with rejection 

   bias the river (stream creek impregnable of eye
its response to three steps if you can understand 
nancy under simple wooden crucifix fulda was all we'll ever have

Chase & Repoussé

Wikipedia Poem, No.  826


subtle white clover
yields at dawn
shifting cubes of light
pliant suburban lawn
chase and repoussé

‘she said in strand’ (Determiners)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 820


for Deantoni Parks

The forest is nothing but a single strand of spider’s silk suspended in wet air.

the woman on the silk bus spiders
forest asked if i was suspended jewish of
is i said what she said in strand
nothing are you jewish i said single
but my father was wet jewish but
a she said good i said air nothing
single nothing she wet said is
strand there are a lot in of good forest
of jewish people the suspended
spiders i read the silk bible every day
silk i said nothing she spiders said forest
suspended were goofing to win you know is
in im christian she strand said nothing
wet jews and christians single but
air are a lot alike weave a
wet got to protect one but another single
in she said weve got nothing to win strand
suspended this war is she said of
silk and got off the forest bus spiders

Megaloceros (He Suggested I Pray to the Muse)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 769


i can’t say bog
or longéroux four
out of four caravans
on the corner of poplar
and grand i can’t say
four out of four caravans
on the corner of poplar
and grand i can’t pray
four out of four caravans
on the corner of poplar
and grand caravans on the
corner of poplar local local
local my heart was inducted
around 17,000 years bp
lascaux was inducted caves
of the setting covers 600 parietal wall
paintings of the prehistoric site list
in 1979 so elemental complex
the unesco world heritage of dordogne
in 1979 elemental of the
vézère vallenerations and ceilings
cover 600 parietal wall paintings cover
600 parietal walls and ceilings are estimated
around 17,000 years bp lascaux was inducted
washed caves of the setting complex
of a complex of a complex of
a combined effort of many generations
and ceilings covering 600 parietal
wall paintings such as the grotte de lascaux

Fairmount School of Polyrhythms

Wikipedia Poem, No. 738


         the reflecto neveryone and 
      school of polyrhythms i always meant to take 
    it boils in the 
biplane dopple overheadaches toward an old 
      white school of the always approaches 
     toward teterboro 
neveryone and blinks 
       never that meant 
fail fail fail 
      fail fail fail 
      fail fail fail 
fail fail fail fail 
       fail fail 
fail fail fail 
fail fail fail fail 
   fail fail fail fail fail fail 
       fail fail fail fail 
fail fail fail 
fail fail 
fail fail fail fail fail 
        fail fail 
       fail fail 
    fail fail 

A Noisy Phalanx Is a Safe Phalanx



“The Word Hoplite is Scratched Out” Joseph M. Gerace. 2018. 6′ 3″ x 6′ 3″

I impute, with geometry, Hoplite. Consciously I do this to you, Too-Beautiful Poemtaker. Remember John to Philip wrote: “Don’t worry about it Levine, you’re ugly enough to be a great poet.” That’s filled with funny truth — oozes out of the recoiling seams, the reactionary-gunman seams. The Ugly Poet pities him — Perfect Gator — welcomes him to his soul. That child labor where hallucinations are made and thrown into the blood pool. Do you two remember the Battle of Thermopylae? Sit down, Hero, Xerxes — your pearly Perfect Gator — wants to entomb a hedge around his lengthy head. His dome is a lighthouse, don’t get it twisted with scalene teeth and bombing runs. Violence, he fancies himself president, dope commander. There. Over there. In the darkest dark. There it is. A carefully restored — the pearly acquiescence notes this before enveloping everything else — bust of Leonidas. His feathered features spark like desire. There exist no right angels in the black, you were correct. Always have been. But, no more! Desperate Darius sends emissaries to each Greek city-state clutching hundreds of printed out text messages describing’ Xerxes’s corpse. No two missals contain the same information, but each is precise in blood-line.


“Being a writer is a lot like being a beaver. The beavers’ teeth itch, right? So that’s why they cut down trees. Right? Because that’s the only thing that stops their teeth from driving them crazy.” David Mamet

Orpheus Charming the Animals

Wikipedia Poem, No. 646


“How each child finds that it must deal with / the intolerable // becomes its fate.” Frank Bidart

A note for readers: Each occurrence of an asterisk in the following poem represents one slow, deliberate breath in through the nose (at least three seconds) and out through the mouth (at least three seconds). Silently count each inhale and each exhale. You are permitted to think about anything at all during that time.

the boy
photoreceptors the 
the particular order of a baroque story 
gathered beside hair 
around such magnificent 
photoreceptor density
the forestage animal-watch 
these animal sounds through hyper-baroque storytelling 


gather boys 
the effects of living 
          blue eyed doves and such 
      as such 
as ammonite political sweetness 
my wings perceive something blue eyes he twists 
on the boy in fancy dress the poet 
expects listening blue eyed doves such magical upheaval 

upheaval upheaval upheaval 

* * *

dress symbolism panel justice boys used on the air sounds
photoreceptor thighs
que story gather round boys 
use the crickets bloody death outspreaders 
don't be shy 
who are these animal cruelties among you
orpheus such 
      upheaval english fancy dress 
my wings perceive something blue 
     twist like political 


* * * 

english fancy dresses poet 
         and never 
          look back orpheus charming as a 
      hyperbaroque story gathered like wildflowers 
   boy with no insect parts like rainfalling the recording 
      i mean 
code hung like draperies all another boy used was the 
      monastery between its thighs
on tour (such magical upheaval     english boys 
dressed like symbolism for christmastime
      panels filled just 
with boys 
          in fancy 
dress symbolism 
       in the composition 
      of blue 
      eyed doves 
subduing on 
      a mogul josias murer's danger-room i mean 
crickets bloodparts 
insect legs turn from the crow 
order then cruelty auditory charm blue 
      eyes twisted living noise 
  cardinal wings perceive some thick round noise 
         by rubbing blue 
         doves such magical upheaval    english fancy 
dress symbolism 
    boy upon fired
ink all the recording 
hyper noise recording 
gathered breasts
used on 
monastery crow artist 
         as auditor is 
a baroque story gather 
     baroque boys 
to such magical effect


* * * 

         fancy symbolism 
just any boy copy
and pasted in crows gathered at the forestage 
cone density through hypertext and expects 
living noise by 
      the rubbing together
      the phasing through 
      of ora serrata
perceive something blue eyed 
doves subduing 
    death     or are they crows
    outspread wings perceive something 
    together handheld boy 
        on the free monastery tour 
   (such magical upheaval english fancy drapes


Progress Rapidly in a Seemingly Uncontrollable Manner (5 August 1908)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 632


“O Zeus our ancestor, look with loathing on those tokens of a victory that was not won.” Hellenistic funerary epigram (trans. Paton)

galloping eyes
breeding that's 

      1913 and again 
again free 
grassy embankment   
    zero two eight
gross to the nines    
   eight hundred and twenty eight third class passengers  
we counted
  eight hundred and twenty eight third class passengers
again reproach 
membrane between 
1922 renamed a parking lot 
      in one 
feed as were from 

each other  

four foot 
x beams fifty seven   
    in fours   
       one hundred and six second class passengers 
again they're counted 
free from distinction 
  commonsensations but 
inert cars and 
          on fourteen bay twenty-second street brooklyn new york

     their eyes    
in rough port of distraction  
for northern 
       and fingered 
       again freed dogs 
gallop across hypoallergenic grassy 


Poetry is a Game You Play With Death

Wikipedia Poem, No. 631


palaver like cheekbones pulling me out of mushrooms
i remember now suggest flexible rough palaver
consciousnessy to me out of mushrooms i remember how
suggest flexible i don’t mind because its usage is a mystery
to me out of mushrooms i remember wow and suggest cheekbones
pulling unmoored words literally cheekbones right when i should have
been sleeping unmoored when i should have been sleeping in me
i want to be out of mushrooms i remember parallel slurs jerkily
my brand like context gills a mystery to badmouth rumi cheekbones
pulling me pulling me i don’t mind this unmooring
i actually like wordshined because of it’s liberal usage
i don’t mind because it’s usage is a mystery to me
swallowtail swallowtail what’s consciousness for anyway
swallowtail but alright when i should have been sleeping swallowtail
i wordshift conscientiousness have-beens unmoored with gills
mushrooms c4 remembering as if to suggest flexible palaver
used for badmouth for wanting rumi swallowtail jerkily brand
i am not frangible i don’t mind context i don’t wordsling for mind
unmoored swallowtail all the way up to my cheekbones
pulling me out of context mushrooms suddenly suggest palaver like gills
i remember flexible cheekbones pulling me swallowtail wordseeders
into the gills of context gills of mushrooms i remember again