Wikipedia Poem, No. 228


“…the structure behind the mundane, patches of unprimed canvas peeking through the real.” Ben Lerner


chambering beams move light tightly

fire says womb
fire the brute it is

well transfixed be
tir de barrage heat
ripple the ground

the ground
ripples an abstract tonare
overheating form fires mast

interior cradlelike
deep light combing

zips back
of the soft-rifle
anybody sick soon

blooded for toward
ripple hangs on
cultivated land

crawling at a wall
naming the best of these then
uteri grip the queens apparition

Wikipedia Poem, No. 202


“A word that implies mock angel-headed. A swollen and cancerous knightly court.” marginalia from an early draft of Sexualizing Picasso on the Cross, 2016

when in

when i say
the nest can be
nasty last

summer when the was
was stronger death 
found a carcass

dramatic resource
than just barely
nourishment some emotional 

strength turns off 
words maintain
can be nasty can be

lastly they read lots 
dark emails from 
family starves on a public stage

they will do 
       some emotion

it is 
       tangled over

anxiety & chick
       it's about family


Wikipedia Poem, No. 176


“What the soul contributed was in a dream, touched very lightly, and merely licked and sprinkled, as it were, by the soft impression of the senses.” Montaigne


surname maudelen
from the early middle english fem.
proper name of a repentant sinner

for this tree-like fragrant
mostly white night-blooming
genera as shown indoors

in luke 7:37 in pain clinical
greenhouse the tall fluid
frequently forgiven

by thin-stemmed climbers
while shades of repentant sinners
locate determinate interstitium

Wikipedia Poem, No. 129


When you are hungry: eat. When you are tired: sleep. This is Wikipoem.

poems whose admonishments 
in the bodies of adults their bodies 
contribute relief many to fulfill reducing

they had Russian girls snake-like
the starving years an atrophy wasting 
saint-like of food aid and agriculture 

to a punish a sense of tissues 
exacerbating already a fetus an illness  
two other brothers then to more than or eat  

adipose advances the level of malnutrition 
and political contemporaries crack population 
leads to raise from St. Cong’s people or

mothermother world dies mothermother
or a Vestal come by strife and wars and 
general cases of insulin economic prison

poison starvation imprison and in glucagon 
ordered into the drinking water in Sweden
and then deficiencies and controllection or 

differential sustainability in rashes edit 
When are you used or is this direct enough
edit is already in despite a source of food now

and in their vows of Caligula the economic inevitable 
a worm of convalescence thirteenth century 
atrophy protein worms less complete than direct 

loss either had starvation was deprived nutrition 
may lead to symptoms to children but
never to their brothers


“Starvation.” Wikipedia. N.p.: Wikimedia Foundation, 31 Jan. 2016. Web. 2 Feb. 2016.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 125


You say
puff pastry you say
tax credit is a bulldog

by now she’s
probably lost in traffic
skin darker than guns
my father’s obsessed

it will be hungry
that guy who
makes hot sauce

climbs up my forefinger and into
whatever the girls’ mortal wound —
And I’m all like, bent, reaching
raise my hand to the horizon, beside

el niño spirit; and the exploded
my palm — safety — I straighten, &
down into the garbage where I roach

the Willis Tower, comparing, &
the vile, beautiful blattaria leaves me
and scales its black terrace and ponders
its sudden, liberal transformation — soon

as a way to juxtapose the mundane
condition the banal, blue
body; the salted, post-, uncombed

She didn’t even
take it
or gibberish in a cafeteria line
or bleeding all over Italy.

with Stevie Ray Vaughan

Includes four lines from "I love winter nights..." by Paul Ferrell,
     published in "The Cosby Show" (2015) by Water of Life Press. 

Wikipedia Poem, No. 119


“The soul, / like the square root of minus 1, / is an impossibility that has its uses.” Vijay Seshadri

George Washington
has left to run a Cruz 
cigarettes to take a ton 

hard to the campaign 
against missiles against faces against 
the heft to abandon the relentless we 

according to pay their hide 
behind classified if they hide 
been if civilians senior months

a bureaucracy that moves deploys fighters 
their weapons even below and drone 
said at headquarters too high

the civilians: ”So?” 
even that if their vehicles classified impossible 
including heft to the hide Senate consequence 

in its all heft to run the month to run the group’s leaflets 
and that their bills including to discriminate including
a cigarette Baghdad Raqqa Iraq the Air Force of them

the region a dubious general top leader 
near doughy precause last month hellfire
used a hint of chiefs togethers whose surgical 

sunrise Sunni tribesmen whose jail it’s more 
campaign the valuable target because the jail
and those careful 9,000 foot soldiers said the jail

it’s in the pentadragon that the expresident dilemmas 
the coalition against Mr Baghdadi the group’s leaders 
who failed Mohammed they hide behind countries of 

     civilians “So?” 

even campaigns began in that territory of will 
spoke on condition of abandon to be likely empty 
too takes their bills and officials behind “We want to run” 




Rosenberg, Matthew, and Eric Schmitt. “In ISIS Strategy, U.S. Weighs Risk to Civilians.” New York Times 2015. Web.

Seshadri, Vijay. “Imaginary Number .” Poetry Magazine. Feb. 2012. Web.

Good Parenting


“Now—tell me, my love, if you recall / the dove light after dawn at the island and all—” Berryman


Lack of night now
Vandalism: What’s funnier
Squash or a substantial orange yam?
In a manger? Spaghetti
Wake up with a headache
Not the night before, but

With death: What a dire truck
Skulls skulls skulls
Every man, doves,
In a mugshot
Looks like my father
For someone so obsessed

Shacked, dated, bored
I understand
The cup on mother’s head
Why you’d come, hawks,
Taking my jazz
They don’t aggress

Condottieri, becoming, of course
The subtext of acetylene
He should have come out and talked

Wikipedia Poem, No. 109

Little soul little stray
little drifter
now where will you stay
all pale and all alone
after the way
you used to make fun of things

Hadrian with sensual succession to his reign
Hadrian ailing to his tastes

He used his succession to be more with his tastes
He oozed towards Hadrian's Wall which marked

Adopted at Baiae Antinous to his wife Pompeia
Palaestina Trajan's Wall which marked cultural cousin 

of birthplace his tastes he is accession 
to adopted Lucius Aurelius Aelius Ales

Sura were well-disposed towards Hadrian's conquests 
A Hispano-Roman emperors he rebuilt the Emperor 

from 117 to make Athens the Emperor from 117 
to keep the Empire Antinous to underline his tastes 

He spent admirer of Venus Aeli Lucius Aelius Aurelius Aelius
Aelius Aelius Aelius Aelius Sura were well-disposed cultural cousin

of ancient admirer officially according his wife Pompeia
Plotina Trajan's Wall which marked the Pantheon

afterward Hadrian dined and his regardent admirer officially 
accessors Hadrian with centuries-old roots in the Pantheon
afterward Hadrian ailing Hadrian was Roman emperor 
Trajan was a humanist and even dined and ordered his

own even dined an heir but accepted Lucius Aelius Sura were 
well-disposed the Emperor immediately before his tastes 

He reports often considered military Hadrian was a humanist 
and Armenia and Roman emperor immediately before rigorous 

to his tastes He is according and ordered them during Dacia
He usually wore his birthplace his cultural cousin of Venus

Aelius Sura were well-disposed the Pantheon afterwards Hadrian 
was a humanist and even dined on heir but them during them

During and even died suddenly two years latter died as a humanist 
and Armenia and Roman emperors He used to 138 Hadrian emperor 

from 117 to the Pantheon and constructed Lucius Aelius Aelius Aelius
Aelius Sura were well-disposed his times; He rebuilt that

Hadrian, “Little Soul,” translated by W.S. Merwin from Poetry (April 2006). 
Copyright © 2006 by W.S. Merwin. (via Poetry Foundation)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 94

FullSizeRender 4

“And it’s close to a all out war
With kids being murdered just for being black and tall outdoors
They respond to demonstrations wearing kevlar briefs
When the main problem is nobody respects our grief”
Open Mike Eagle, “Dark Comedy Late Show”

the extremists
the infidels   the 
militants shooting extremists
often under soft men
many beheaded
streets caliphate 
   soft Russian 
the vast year   the infused 
Minbaj with 
stony-faced looks   the group who fled east   want to remain 
targets to battle brought 
who speaking 
his brother sitting guards slept
take position   they try 
to be remembered   sever   the Russians 
she/he anonymity to replace

fighters wept otherly   when blacked 
rename that 
night   humanitarian fatigues 
marching their sons 

Ahmed   Yazidi 
Syrian   Dohuk
Farouq   Minbaj
churn extremists 
over-ran boyhood 

Beaten us 
contacted away
tell the living children of the group's 

Yazidi boys were with extreme
heads grouped out to rule captors 
   captors: beheads 
recruit apostate minority

training enduran
the military 
fatigues marching to recoil
his brother’s ancient 
the group's acolytes distributing under IS trainwashing 
the case for children
to fight 
even they use apostolic and historic everywhere
boys in 

students proclaim to 
   have been 
between vanished and fear 
of the guise of who 
look stony-faced   they try 
given under barbed-following

Wikipedia Poem, No. 68

“A man must make poems
of such things, and hope
to conjure the myth
of laughter and clapping hands;”

Kwame Dawes


latitude elle latitude
       elle latitude elle
latitude elle latitude
         elle.   -
J'ignore sous volontiers, déesse et immortelle latitude elle latitude elle
elle latitude elle
latitude elle latitude
         latitude elle latitude elle latitude elle.
        - Tes amis  ?   - La beauté  ?   - Tes amis  ? - Je n'ai
ta mère,
ta mère,
ta soeur,
    mère, ni père,
ta mère, ta
mère, ta mère, ta
          mère, ta
      ta mère, ta mère,
       ta mère, ta
mère, ni père, ta mère, ta mère, ta mère, ta
ta mère,
ta mère, ni père,
ta mère,
ta mère, ta mère, ta soeur, ni père, ta
       mère, ta
       mère, ta mère

"Ils sont disposés proprement,
ces masques rigides"

j'avais aimé, 
longtemps chers, portraits 
et foudroyante, 
        moindre de la moindre de tant de 
   nos oeuvres 
       et l'art 
         sentiment était ma douloureuse conquête. J'avais aimé, j'ai longtemps 
         cherché l'art 
   idée leurraits et foudroyante, la 
         plus magnifique, l'art absolu ! O délire ! ô folie ! ô folie ! ô folie ! ô folie ! ô 
        folie ! ô 
        folie ! ô 
       folie ! ô 
         folie ! ô folie ! ô folie ! ô folie ! 

       éphémères éphémères éphémères immortelles.

Toute point 
rayonnement était ma 
conquête. J'avais aimé, 
      j'avais aimé, j'ai longtemps chers, portraits 
et tours, 
portraits et foudroyante, la 
de l'art absolu!
[Sources: Charles Baudelaire, Le Spleen de Paris (1869), (French edition); 
Aloysius Bertrand, Gaspard de la Nuit (1836), (French edition);
Kwame Dawes, "Bruised Totem", from Duppy Conquerer (2013)]