Columbia, Columbia (Maybe Going Crazy)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 979

Columbia, Columbia

columbia columbia
and homelessness and livelihood? at last one lives? last year hundreds of
natural threats again the air near when one’s noisome elected
there one lives in advance of columbia — most populous most powerful
and live into one’s life in natural hundreds
as one’s somatic village abhors splendor

columbia has soured
columbia maybe going crazy
one called one’s life modern
affordable and populous germline
still pretty chill affinity live sustainably
hundreds of states wear bonne chance naturelle
disaster brocaded/braided against the mutated breast

columbia most populous catastrophes one’s
chosen to ignore hundreds rot of failure
of distance like from now on of time
a failure to live in suspect all one’s life
america can do? american nihilism has soured maybe it’s only
going ignored — the fires — although one’s

life in columbia hazardous state of writhing
cohort desegregates the fire most populous
most populous most populous power
one’s life in northern columbia nihilism
sour maybe it’s only
words writhing affixment to human-made

Monteverde Vecchio (He Can’t Smell Her Roses)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 978

He Can't Smell Her Roses art poetry surrealism photography

in his girlfriend he presumes
he can’t smell her roses
he can’t smell her boots
expensive watches arrange purple
chrysanthemums in the dark
it’s nobody’s job

in time
sneaks off
around lungs monteverde vecchio
even when
he’s locked away
the value of a dollar

even when
he locked
away the dark
it’s nobody’s job

see his
girlfriend arranging purple

it’s nobody’s job
to arrange these boots and
expensive watches purple

the time
sneaks off
in his long black hair
he is dead

sergio buys handmade leaf smoke
voiding his boys

he can’t smell her roses
in the
it’s nobody’s job
to see his girlfriend he presumes
he can’t smell
her roses
so he presumes
he can’t smell
her beauty
even when
he’s locked
in the dark
it’s nobody’s job

The Making of Poems

Wikipedia Poem, No. 977

Rochelle Park, 2019


shows how   twice although they both turned   men took and rembrandt painted the 1970s made sense (or   not) of the art-historical or cultural upheavals of sexual violence against   women nancy princenthal dramatic perhaps but with replete with replete with replete without   physical princentury the political or psychological and coercion in artists have made for a male art-historical or psychological princenthal  writes pointing to convey it was inherently renderstood no era or culture has been a convey it in life abuse an extremis a new book an experience an  abuse


his fantasies an  early 70s in seedbed performances himselves   invading their bodies to tie their bodies him as he masturbated an elegant account perform even if  some critics didn’t buy it or not quite their bodies to tie the obvious history and weaves in intimate relation and aggress   sexual violence in prince in seedbed percepts to an empts like chris burden account performances himselves the first agnes martists were  often account performance articulator describe more candy near a prize broad jump 71 offer the obvious of his best   


she  convicts that no image  could become his sexual advance she could  subject was as if the could became his sexual advances   she conviction that no image conviction that no image could subject it   was as if the slaves offered her door she awakened he identified her two choices  she could become his sexual advances she could submit to his conviction that no image  conviction that no image could repress perhaps inadvertently going adulterous sexual advances she could become   his sexual advances she could submit to the could subject it was as if he submits to the body

Darkens Grind Inquiry

Wikipedia Poem, No. 976

Washington, 2019

chaos and delay
crucial deposition-grabbing
evident against mounting
attention-grabbing attention-grabbing
protest inquiry to insulate
insulate against mounting
protest seeks to halt hours on wednesday
staging against mounting against

suite where impeachment yet
pressure office suite where
impeachment investigators
conduct private campaign to leave
stridents behavior —
and refuse to smear
his political rivals
storm interviews
refuse to enlist

committees on the committee
which is leading let us in! let us in!
let us in! let us in! let us in! let us in! let us in! let us in!
let us in! let us
in! let us in! let us in! let us in! let us in! let us in!
let us in! let
us in! let us in! let us in! let us in!
let us in! let
us in! let us in! let us in!
let us in! let us in! let us
in! let us in! let us in! let
us in! let us in! let us in! let us in! let
us in! let us in! let us in! let
in! let us in! let us in! let us in!
let us in! let us in! let us in! let us in! let us in!
let us in! let us in! let us in! let us in!

uh oh (kaboom)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 975

Hackensack, 2019
the gunpowder if it ever exists dries ready full-mouthed  and mush   his
mission soon ends with no criteria    sì, quella spiga—    what athletic  
power passed the hum of squirrely / selfish putsch  down—    if darkly uplift  
the self gets righteous    right to the bottom—    quick, much is transparent 
and not raised against  the real polemic fear yr  inbox   as good as yr last   
intesa inteso—    i feel hiss intestines / push out against—    the night 
sufficient    still    bent between hiss pinching stamen & inject the sniff pop of 
style kaboom

Tribulation is Treasure

Hackensack, 2019
Odorless paint thinner; 
	Ready to use; 
Don't read from left to right, top to bottom.
Much comfort is not in much sleepe
What did Sherman Alexie do?
Almost liked a tweet from America's No. 2 cereal company.

Lean into your surreal sense of imagery. 
Wash hands immediately after use.
Why is Sherman Alexie important?
Perhaps it's captured by the gelatinous 
	march of the many-footed bowels. 

How much is Sherman Alexie worth?
Perhaps he provokes us with the green flowered vines 
	joy-sucking the mind. Etc!
Where did Sherman Alexie live?
Your account has been logged into.

Whose responsibility, this cleverness?
When the most fearefull and most irrevocable 
	Malediction is presented by thee
Combustible. Harmful or fatal if swallowed.

I try to write a radical polemic but fear the insurance bill.
Vapor harmful. Skin irritant.

I have no critical faculty yet I must scream!
Use to thin oil or alkyd colors or for cleaning brushes and tools. 
I don't understand Tumblr, but respect its right to be stylized as such.
Hard image, in a perpetual sleepe, tho it is a lie!

Abbas Kiarostami (Atlantic City)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 974

Atlantic City, 2019

the use of poetic dialogue
philosophical filmmakers
the allegorical use of storytelling

right knee lower left shin and calf

A sentence is a word in a photograph.

a cracked tower
it was athletica sì quella

sua rete
non aveva
in sé potenza
alcuna —
se cupamente pietro desert hacked
into the torn soil — the peaks are

still film cameras

bent along
its banks

what is it
it was an athletic
trovò di una sua rete
ma non
mutilation alarmed ranchers
don’t think of the bank

gunpowder order
awaiting presumptions

resistenza alcuna
stessa sé —

Artifacts of Reference, No. 68

The Art of Public Relations

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