Columbia, Columbia (Maybe Going Crazy)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 979

Columbia, Columbia

columbia columbia
and homelessness and livelihood? at last one lives? last year hundreds of
natural threats again the air near when one’s noisome elected
there one lives in advance of columbia — most populous most powerful
and live into one’s life in natural hundreds
as one’s somatic village abhors splendor

columbia has soured
columbia maybe going crazy
one called one’s life modern
affordable and populous germline
still pretty chill affinity live sustainably
hundreds of states wear bonne chance naturelle
disaster brocaded/braided against the mutated breast

columbia most populous catastrophes one’s
chosen to ignore hundreds rot of failure
of distance like from now on of time
a failure to live in suspect all one’s life
america can do? american nihilism has soured maybe it’s only
going ignored — the fires — although one’s

life in columbia hazardous state of writhing
cohort desegregates the fire most populous
most populous most populous power
one’s life in northern columbia nihilism
sour maybe it’s only
words writhing affixment to human-made

Wikipedia Poem, No. 300



the statelet serotonin's growth fed 
down to 
     last river in happiness paradise in addition 
through caverns 
         in the gut considers various 
systems of ice 

  the cedarn cover 

stately afterward participants 
  seething a momentarily happy 
sea it was holy 
      the river into happiness 
paradise prophesies  
   or the chasm which carved leads to 
          blossomeone'd vasoconstrictor so many seeds 
and sleep with the demon-lover
   belly down to 
      hungry beasts 
   rising stimulation
      encourage primarily germination 
    in this recalled 
  carcinoid someone else 
a circle 
greenery blossoms
but oh!