Columbia, Columbia (Maybe Going Crazy)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 979

Columbia, Columbia

columbia columbia
and homelessness and livelihood? at last one lives? last year hundreds of
natural threats again the air near when one’s noisome elected
there one lives in advance of columbia — most populous most powerful
and live into one’s life in natural hundreds
as one’s somatic village abhors splendor

columbia has soured
columbia maybe going crazy
one called one’s life modern
affordable and populous germline
still pretty chill affinity live sustainably
hundreds of states wear bonne chance naturelle
disaster brocaded/braided against the mutated breast

columbia most populous catastrophes one’s
chosen to ignore hundreds rot of failure
of distance like from now on of time
a failure to live in suspect all one’s life
america can do? american nihilism has soured maybe it’s only
going ignored — the fires — although one’s

life in columbia hazardous state of writhing
cohort desegregates the fire most populous
most populous most populous power
one’s life in northern columbia nihilism
sour maybe it’s only
words writhing affixment to human-made

My Homunculus

Wikipedia Poem, No. 928

Black & Gold Pyramids
Heights of Golan

myself: porcelain command line
door you guys sell bananas?
on a long enough timeline lost
do you guys some neck
selling bananas? mom’s
common sense—this place.

myself: one can’t scrub you guys
sell bananas? on a long
enough timeline moon
grunts line lifting her
mercy mirrorshades belly
myself porcelain common

myself: long enough timeline
moon feel happiness
release buttons belly
buttons begging his
mba he’ll let megabanks
mercy mirrorshades begging

myself: where i find myself
porcelain common long
door you guys
sell bananas on a long
timeline lost you guys neck
says neck says bananas

myself: in a spreadsheet line
door you solve with yr
abiding you want little
handsome neck he streets
line lost do you guys
sell bananas on a long

myself: prison timeline clean
this one build moon mercy
mirrorshades begging press
release button belly buttons belly
buttons begging internet i aim it
at my peers leave can’t grey away

myself: internet i aim little press
release buttons belly
buttons talking difference
do you solve with yr abiding
of consolidated homunculus
coming up short