Everything You Expect

need nsa hookup 
 great time with a great smile and personality 
 i like to keep my kinky side a secret 
 can you be special enough for me to share it with you

need nsa hookup
great time with a great smile and personality
i like to keep my kinky side a secret
can you be special enough for me to share it with you

i wish my father called me on my birthday no homo

the best part is the little italicized spider at the end
this interview has been edited and condensed

there’s someone i need to know
there’s someone singing in the office now
there’s someone i need for my own sanity
there’s someone i can suggest to help you feel better

waking up in osaka with a painful sore throat

when times turn tough presidents can hop on air force one to escape the country for a while and stride purposefully across the world stage

how big is your television
i have different sizes in every room i really prefer the big ones how big is yours

in conformity to norms of the day the actionists regarded women primarily as passive objects bloodied and abused female bodies were central to some of the fantasies of destruction they staged

discovering the pad of my left foot slightly sticky against tatami

opuntia or prickly pear was introduced to kenya by british colonialists in 1940s as a living fence but has grown out of control in recent years plaguing elephants and other wildlife and tearing through ranches and farmland

an old man pulls a heavy stone tablet across a nightingale floor

this ambiguity is particularly effective when the performer is conveying the experience of being terrified of finding one’s sense of self displaced by the physically or psychologically overwhelming actions of another

wind shakes persimmons in the spindly tree outside the disciple’s estate
rusty whine of clapboard hinges battering his childhood home

there is always a sparrow flitting
in the flowerbeds

a masochist locked in purple chrysanthemum
penetrates the acrid desert between hacked and cracked flower

the crewmembers of the delight meanwhile comment to each other on the pequod’s use of a coffin as a life buoy

Solution on the Horizon as Accidental Path to Desire (Patricia Arquette)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 966

key west sunset birds fate by numbers cavemen

Take a look at the lawman
Beating up the wrong guy
Oh man, wonder if he’ll ever know
He’s in the best selling show
Life on Mars

of unknown origin perhaps influenced by dousing
and centurion diction related a black squirrel runs

for its life there may be a connection
of some sort industrious mind thinks

thinks dossen beat forcefully
or lower a sail in haste is recorded

from 1620s an obsolete connection
the smell of heat launching from a toaster oven

waffles exiting to strike punch
which is slang from middle dutch

dossen beat forcefully or a similar low german word
an obsolete contraction of unknown origin

though admitting the meaning may be derived
from a contraction of to extinguish a sail in haste

to thrust or plunge into water to separate word from meaning
the garbage piles up in the backyard of a neighbor

the black squirrel briefly returns i think
an obsolete contraction of some sort

Head on Fire

The sustained atmosphere of loss was international
there’s nothing better than boozing up not running
long old i’m not talking crap sounding ugly nothing
ugly being promoted look at that god damned cow
boy hat they’re sitting here talkin porno stuff is yr
head on fire? i smell the smoke it smells like yr head
america takes advantage of these opportunities yr
given without any consideration for those who just
wanna live and be free the smell of charcoal black
and white film he makes my heart throb he says he’s
eighteen he says the sky is on fire handsome grain
i got drunk and wandered into a room full of nude
universes vegetables and rice there are so many
cadillacs in this world yet the country is so small
without sex workers and programmers and lobbyists
run away little boy run away el pastel stolen light más
lento soft and unfrightened each moment of hospitality

Complicated, and of Uncertain Histories

Charlie Chaplin and Jesus Christ in Natural Light
bawdy          dealing with sexual matters in a comical way; humorously indecent
dealing bawdy with sexual matters in a comical way; humorously indecent
with dealing bawdy sexual matters in a comical way; humorously indecent
sexual dealing with bawdy matters in a comical way; humorously indecent
matters dealing with sexual bawdy in a comical way; humorously indecent
in dealing with sexual matters bawdy a comical way; humorously indecent
a dealing with sexual matters in bawdy comical way; humorously indecent
comical dealing with sexual matters in a bawdy way; humorously indecent
way dealing with sexual matters in a comical bawdy; humorously indecent
humorously dealing with sexual matters in a comical way; bawdy indecent
indecent dealing with sexual matters in a comical way; humorously bawdy
bawdy dealing with sexual matters in a comical way; humorously indecent

Bōsōzoku Politics

Wikipedia Poem, No. 897

management of
the bōsōzoku? now you’re talking!
all paintings are diseased in the color of
faith the color as incorrect hannah hoch
will never be a lawyer as
in the north american congress of latin american
texture of success clouds clouds clouds clouds clamor free

the marvel cinematic universe
has replaced curators
el socialismo es una filosofía del fracaso chávez y
suspicious politics
el añublo marxist–leninistrange brain government
the court of splatter elected
nations I miss the color of los marxists
latin honors chávez y suspicious politics
yo era un soldado interesado en la teología de l
a liberación
marches dead possums over
placid weather as incorrect as the marvel
cinematic universe replace el trasero although fight
the election was certified as being free and legitimate
by the organization of american states
generation miss the court of genetic secretions for knives
ones generation sacked of interior
the marvel cinematic universe contains
a touch of textbook you’re talking
marxist–leninistrange brain government the color
three roots of the tree
into state-run profesor de petróleo
presidente del petróleo

and affairs depart as discussed for the incorrect
hannah hoch correct hannah hoch need painting
and I replace curators corazón of alternation
and I miss the supreme texture war

parish priest from latin curatus
past curatorship earning officer in
reference to those put in a museum
library guardian’s heart

clouds clamor free
achieving impunishment
brain government to römer 95

just another masculine gang war
what if? perspending headslamor free
all paint and place
fight about the supreme party
salem magazine youtube see the constitution
for what it is: battle lines
and I miss this owly nation of who and the de facto idle bullshit
of bōsōzoku the youtube constitution of women
impunishment brain government the universo
del petróleo
chávez y suspicious politics curator of
and broad spectrum of missing color as incorrect
hannah hoch in the wreath of bōsōzoku

now you’re
talking, imp!

The Mitterrand–Pasqua Affair (Charlotte Rampling)

Wikipedia Poem. No. 866


Bad manmade structures effluent as a pistol and Caprus, while a
good more easily in
marmalade darkness, can lose
things dreamt amongst millennials is that a terrible
parts per trillion of iridium
in engineering a recalled forecast about 2 years into the Lycus. 
         The most common lyre is time
has died during an outflowing of the alien. Laodicea
is a ball. It's an outflowing,
inescapable parts perform
more violently, about
20 parts per trillion of
you can lose
your thought, dear reader, what a dogged lover 
or gas to go to: 
         The figurative thing is the alien.
Laodicea is my substitute for a
philothaumaturgical body of water, Asopus and
         their waters; Asopus an
outflowing end.

Are things of water
outflowing or are there magic
ends, while a good more
easily my substitute
forecast something like 2 years into any
water or gas to go: They last approximately 2 years into
iridium in
the figurative thing of iridium dreamt there
amongst the sheeply
hills between the shapely forms of the bad moon
in small rivers Asopus and Caprus, while a good 
         more easily in
         my substitute forms bad moons in
their waters, Asopus and Caprus,
while a god, more
easily in my godhead, news performs more violently 
         and it's a ball. 

It's the figurative forms of a performative structure. 
         Effluent is my substitute.
Forms bad-out like a fan of marmalade structures.
         Effluent is their water or gas-to-go: Where the
form more easily
engineer a chemical reactor. Fluent, more violent,
about 20 parasite dreams per beknighted forgotten desire
amongst millennials. Situate the long spur of iridium
in magic... shucks, 
         we're talking about
         time, someone has to die.

Only about 20
parts per trillion of you can lose the figurative thread.
Forms made into a milkshake-like lattice. Effluent 
         is the difference between
lover-of-magic bodies and given bodies between the 
and, well,
you: Bouton-de-Roses,
terrible parasite dream, millennials, 
         outflow of advertising
structures. Effluent, in reverse, 
         returns to the figurative think tank
what a lover knows is how to make figurative 
         the inescapable parts 
         per trillion of you, Bouton-de-Roses, 
         that a terrible end fears ends.
         Are we thinking in English again? is like what a terrible
dream amongst friends.
Floating down the Caprus, while a good more violently,
         about 20 parasite dreams
attempt to bring forth the common alien in law. 
         Laodicea is hell.




Wikipedia Poem, No. 864


       ultimately — untimely
from the old english 
("to suffer") and repines 
recoils in 1820 his diction 
      in pain contain

languish/waste away

Artifacts of Reference, No. 9


Hypnotize (Radical Abstraction)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 847


above through the 
    poem a little bit 
ephemera  — document the wiki-stuff 
and eventualize back 
    at the 

in some consistent stanzas in 
context backs movement 

         movement jars current 
    that movement 
      that movement 
   the jarring movement
         the jars of current 
          the poem above a little black slice 
of the stanzas in some 
bloom of ephemera

      the derivative movement 
slices back 
   at the 
    radical abstractions

Industrial Packaging (MoMA PS1)


seductive and
libidinal and


arouse and
corporeal and


contexts and
strange and


medical devices