What Chance Did She Stand Against The Research Psychologist and a Team of Programmers?

i can tell you what the witcher is about and to whom i owe my day — the miner of the ethereal — but then you'd have the sundown left to blame.
Hyrule Gers Unregenerately In Plato’s, 2021

answer the call humankind lin
the shadow of calamity ganon
rises over the ashes of
hyrule gers unregenerately in plato’s
cave still reveling its craft
your survival age-old habit
in defend the legend mere
images of basic reading ability
is needed to fully enjoy
this game the truth but
being educated by photographs is
not like being fantasy violence
educated by mild suggestive themes
older more artisanal use of
alcohol images for one breath

Head on Fire

The sustained atmosphere of loss was international
there’s nothing better than boozing up not running
long old i’m not talking crap sounding ugly nothing
ugly being promoted look at that god damned cow
boy hat they’re sitting here talkin porno stuff is yr
head on fire? i smell the smoke it smells like yr head
america takes advantage of these opportunities yr
given without any consideration for those who just
wanna live and be free the smell of charcoal black
and white film he makes my heart throb he says he’s
eighteen he says the sky is on fire handsome grain
i got drunk and wandered into a room full of nude
universes vegetables and rice there are so many
cadillacs in this world yet the country is so small
without sex workers and programmers and lobbyists
run away little boy run away el pastel stolen light más
lento soft and unfrightened each moment of hospitality

Wikipedia Poem, No. 115

book like the literary of Alexandria intelligiousness        
       contrived, in contemporary sensual scheme 
of it, untranslatitude the element  innocence best 
       that Elia Kazan program music. And style 

of Manny Farber’s figurative, it interpretations. 
       Transparently, it is boistent, the in it, unlike resolve those 
of a Poet and just that, or streetcar Named Destroys; it be
       so the were reven more immedicinally play of 

the that, in othere resists a psychoanalytic and 
       These even hold text? Histotle’s escaping interpretation; 
the taken for example with those only immobile 
       that medicinally put so blatable it means of Nicolai Leskov.

The sensuous expenses Ours is not silence 
       as about music And to set upon an impious always 
to set of reducing designed withough grip of the 
       classical artists intelligiousness, and to repressing 

most people is the to theory explained 
       with the movement problems to Amerit 
of Zeus away from Egypt, the principle 
       which making of into the contempt 

that the dest classical views, in that its play       
       one taken form is the dramas Many meant         
the proceeds from the frustrated Art  they 
       are despectful; it is alter Lights and that

Source: Sontag, Susan. Against Interpretation, and Other Essays. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1966. Print.

wikipedia poem, no. 9


  / suffer
has all them off 
with one would 
       time you have 
been thinking anyone brain tied behind me

sleeping a 
     literature of art   
   just as 
      on them 
   off with 
one of 
art   yes  
     just as on 
        think any literature / suffer
it has all my 
literature / suffering

it has a 
    subject i am not getting 
  one brain tied behind me
and it is a 
of them off with 
brain tied behind me

women think about 
      and think any one brain 
tied behind me ...
women + 
   sleeping a literature of 
mistakes you 
have to have to do but courage not courage not courage
                                                         never courage

for Susan Sontag & Robert Frost