Head on Fire

The sustained atmosphere of loss was international
there’s nothing better than boozing up not running
long old i’m not talking crap sounding ugly nothing
ugly being promoted look at that god damned cow
boy hat they’re sitting here talkin porno stuff is yr
head on fire? i smell the smoke it smells like yr head
america takes advantage of these opportunities yr
given without any consideration for those who just
wanna live and be free the smell of charcoal black
and white film he makes my heart throb he says he’s
eighteen he says the sky is on fire handsome grain
i got drunk and wandered into a room full of nude
universes vegetables and rice there are so many
cadillacs in this world yet the country is so small
without sex workers and programmers and lobbyists
run away little boy run away el pastel stolen light más
lento soft and unfrightened each moment of hospitality

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