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Splash (Jamal Khashoggi)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 861


a years and one in mr khashoggi’s death

and yet it american supporters in mr khashoggi’s death

and yet
american support middle
eastern democratic moment tarry
countried to seem obvious choicers in which the breakdown centers n


in years and
one in year
in year

in yemen had tried to seem obvious in which
twenty eighteen
not be
the breakdown centers
of the obvious in mr khashoggi’s death

— it may come to seem obvious in mr khashoggi’s death

Wikipedia Poem, No. 272


“On a screen as wide as this, I grope for the titles.” Rich


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Wikipedia Poem, No. 201


“At the end of the elegy, the poet gestures / To the poem itself: ‘It has eight sections: / One for each month he lived, dying.” from 18. by Sally Keith



killing of Michael Brown
protests against excessive
force continues for conservatives

oakland or ferguson or baghdad on
the case the others of course crime
police killing Michael Brown that protest

excessive use of force continues
for conservatives like trump ferguson
assaults the times expanding that cities

in syria or areas target of those figures
to international ones thought watching
that cities of course of reason of course

the police expanding that protests against
excessive use of what you might call run-of-the-mill
violent crime ferguson and oakland or baghdad

isn’t a particular data point murder rates in missouri
out of 75 for which full fbi data rates are highest
there are four americas that sparked national communities

of course the police and the most dangerous cities
targets of figures and racial political conversations
places where you are dangerous places to list

not only st louis most whites were watching
that most dangerous st louis for a number
of murder a mexican non-government

in its murder rate
while the most dangerous
doesn’t include the FBI

data point murders
track meaning
dangerous racial conversations

called consejo ciudadano
para la seguridad
publica y la justicia

tracks only in facts
but doesn’t list those figures
interviews with radical racial politics

conversation as questions
of 100,000 or more in uniform
in murder a mexican questions

uniform in its murder
rate while the murder
organization questions of

100,000 or more and communities
protest against excessive resulting
more dangerous in the worst neighborhood

in the worst neighborhood in the case
the crime number of large us cities
in syria or target areas of fact



november after dead detroit and
new orleans st louis baltimore detroit
and new orleans for a number of large

us cities of course the fact in syria
target of terrorists it’s hard to compare the
most dangerous in international experience

into an advantage the broader context
crime rate while most whites were murdered
by continued people which is not at all

for conservatives like trump was a political one
meant to redirect a weakness his lack of interview
populations higher in some us cities

ferguson isn’t baghdad
dangerous but doesn’t
include assaults and rapes during

most dangerous cities of course
the crime numbers reason within
the list of terrorists it’s hard to compare

trump’s tongue for other reasons
within the worse serious he continued
there are four Americas out of 75

trump’s tongue for other things
that are among the most reported
bombings more and consider the former

the city itself is alive
baghdad isn’t particularly
american in fact for a number of reasons

just steps back from the city
maintains relevance in association
prompting a reply of Never!



Wikipedia Poem, No. 83


“I don’t want a back door. I want a front door. And I want the front door to have multiple locks. Big locks.” Adm. Michael S. Rogers, NSA director

   he weeps, 
so did the House big with Shell the 
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tigers against the Galaxy

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shift from privacy
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to each authority came & added: We bees weepy
legislation See 
that was mean 


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 Make the cleaver
    a content incubator 

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