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In Which, Further Reading, No. 1

Marcus Wicker’s Silencer is very good. I’ve spent a lot of time with its poems, yet it’s not enough. Wicker is sharp in this interview with Kathleen Rooney at the Poetry Foundation. You will come out more alive after reading both/either. Wicker: “Poetry won’t save your… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 92

Pleased To do. One To do. Met Oh. Or Towering. No Her Later Pleased I want. To do. Turning. Pleased Later Thoroughly Is that. A question. To do. Was a disappointment Victim. Mispronounced Towering. Who By. I Victim. Spelling. Mispronounced. Met I Sunday study. Nature.… Read More

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 84

Carver calm soda and chasing to drink 50 year blue-collections as critic His fame too wears the luckiest resortmen not having admirably come native writing chronology of loneliness news of love “We Talk” limply in a New York Time of Review that a poet a… Read More