Wikipedia Poem, No. 133

“How I make my way through this thicket of information—how I manage it, how I parse it, how I organize and distribute it—is what distinguishes my writing from yours.” Kenneth Goldsmith


young ago what grew 
language mostly 

better county historical 
in all it suits ownership

old past diction 
encourages but no one end 

of Samuel Johnson his own way 
for it might birth you when is

I found sometime quiet and right 
I could have good people 

where steamrolling after whitening
ago what ought today end one 

the anniversary and for it 
happened then family tethers

sanctification but now when 
the years of -isms came up I wanted off 

after county and the end of blunders 
but now you build a sub-world 

answer at the natural arts 
an after and I did it myself 

houses are in their ignorance natural 
arts crawled up my personalism 

and actually chose a reliable 
want at the any-think of could

looking as his store polities 
book pages cherub exhaust cherubs 

happen rally it’s a waster 
sentification the madam 

publish sentencing a book 
a page a woman after with family 

tend arranges individual cannot 
just drudgery interred ignorance 

anecdote as well I did not go over 
that party betters and so far lost 

people so I drifted in neither studious
anecdote nor steamrolled up I went to make

because it is
what I what I

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