Wikipedia Poem, No. 132


	pusha t & kenny g 
	i saw what i saw 
	at the new museum
	while arranging tea

that she side of a ride
she adds the hole unplugs 
a baguette places she her who
both traditional and a woman 
a baguette rubs a plastic container 

	was i always looking 
	for a father when i -- 

bottle spurts from play
bottle spurts from place
her head a sketch romance 
woman in the video licks 
video femme fatales 

	reading the depictions 
	and the woman in her legs

the piece of her liquid bottle 
spurts from a traditional sexual slavery
light readings sugar a performance

Donegan gags catches milk 
in her legs and lip gloss and unplugs
a study of the 1970s licks the woman 
catches a piece a girl a saddle

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