Wikipedia Poem, No. 131

“What can you reply, in general, to human questions?” Michele Houellebecq
make more outside 
of a sense 
offer this is OK 

never god's creation 
because if it's not tons 
about art you believing about 

they once what learning 
how easy your art $10
in place of people 

you have to make an 
art the strangers strange
how tough how white and hopeful

hope you have that made 
contact informal gallery system
how to other will eventuring 

how how much they have how
finds however for contact how
to stay international and how easy if 

you don't show much they have to do worst 
$100,000,000,000 art out 
your art scene white white white

and make on and on how so it 
the artist as and hope and you 
in business prospecting ships 

by responding works and get a few bucks 
for art does not thou — that's to make a doe
listen and wonder and look how you go

plenty of money
in someone’s while your art is never how 

making a list is relational likes 
with you painting where 
who doctors all overlook at making 

but that and of your art business 
with you have to selling how about 
how little about galleries of know and maybe show 

to talk about qualified girlfriends now and all over you're met 
going a listen wonder and once you're will even 
if the academic reality really has a listen the stuff 

it's a five-eared elephant you have about you 
of people to pay a fever paying people 

favorite color art scene white an’ all 
the galleries of all overlook how much the two 
dollars I suppose look at lease it 

white and generative an’ asking as to make an 
art business what is love with will ultimately 
respond — perhaps that doe again


Source: Bamberger, Alan. “I Wanna Be a Famous Artist and Make Lots of Money.” n.d. Web. 4 Feb. 2016.

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