Norman Wilkinson

Wikipedia Poem, No. 459


“lead me to the true thing / lead me to the grotto / lead me to the vibrating animal / i’ll pretend i don’t have it in me / already” Liz Bowen

objects of war
    as    large        
as large as    large       
as large as large as 
largely due    to the number    of morale ships 
in 1917 shipping ships in    name only form
    this made it    difficult    the summer of 1917
shipping    ships invented on ships    shipping colours of summer 
shipping the name dazzled form
this made it a dazzling section of british warships 
dazzle-painted on ship's summer of british marine concept 
shipping ships 
dazzle ships 
number shipping 
summer forms the concept
in the summer of british forms


Source: Bowen, Liz. “we steal our behaviors.” Sugarblood. Metatron, 2017. p. 17.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 230

APTOPIX Bangladesh Ramadan

“withdraws her right hand / from her left elbow / withdraws her left hand / from her right elbow / hides her face / with her hands” Ghérasim Luca


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Information, called the alliance, once—once, once, once, once, once, once, once, once, once—the group, to the group, to the alliance. Once, once upon a land supported that group and the group dated the suspect in time. The man paid currency for materials from the alliance and, once, once, once, once, once it’s leading the group on and on a decline after the land. The man supported that the group’s reporters relevant information, data, referents included a street, and a book of land.