Overwatch Widow-Enabled Ableton Overton Windowlicker

Wikipedia Poem, No. 421

“of the demon: ¡demonio! Sumother-tongued / lengua::lingua palaver::palabra muele::muela-like / a sharpened tooth grinds as grounded / so they who can can saw::see::saw past-to-present / perfect // tense” elena minor
slow nintendo eyes hallucinate on the tree tops 
    of war & other manly fears 

fighting basslines back from the castle bulwark 
    the soldier barks playing his 

muse like a hard bleak nest expelling  
    supernatural darkness 

ruins spring up in the suicide forest 
    nestle his falsetto starving 

else blue eyed moneymonkey plays pieces of influence—the man 

that sings off what-will-people-think or 	
    in the pleading

burn hysterical naked singtrade 
    like unwanted pregnancies for strips 

darker thin apocalypse plays the big streams of plastic 

outside super nintendo 
plays on a drunk’s tokyo 
falsetto harmonydreams 
with much darker musings playfully 
playful play y chill futuristic and tracked 
into oblivion people golden salted with time

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