Wikipedia Poem, No. 253

“No, it’s not easy adopting a wait & see attitude / As words float in the middle of a sentence / Like ‘a dark till’ —& someone cashes in on / Stolen horses or the story of a man with no hands / Who finally learned to play the piano.” L.S. Asekoff, Stolen Horses


remember upheaval
preoccupies a young maria

she speaks of acclaim
as one forms a life

on second thought i’m a liar
together and that scurvy of detail

her possible rank of windows
awkward trim blurted stately

my vulvaness then means only colorness
i intuit a heady conception of closeness

maria rebukes my contraption of family
which is in time barleyd like a cindy sherman

banquet the idea being its arms at her side
around me expectations include no man

could she take some transitive cover
leaning out against the sky by the way

the sky leans long with whiskey
of her closed throat reproducing

face-blind by pane and noise
away from a poison layover



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