Wikipedia Poem, No. 199

“Hearts designed / for another purpose / pump darkness / into the air.” Howie Good


nothing frightening about
death nothing 
about the blank page 
quit yr

job buy a
motorcycle forget about

related to the dutch homp
lump hump see hump
see humping see hump

see hump meaning
us slang it is first
an attractive male

usually with the self-
governed individuality
that makes up this group

psychedelic exploration
of self-governed individuality
that combines lithuanians poles south slavs etc

a subculture that combines the ethos of bread
and a very sexy tan
chiseled abs and a large piece



  • Good, Howie. “Technotopia.” Dreaming in Red. Birmingham, Alabama: Right Hand Pointing, 2011. 22. Print.
  • Mola, Pier Francesco. Guerrier oriental. 1650. Musée du Louvre, Paris.

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