Pink Teeth

Wikipedia Poem, No. 464

rain falling out of the house
sparrow who swallows
river rushes an aluminum easy

noon rain falling out of the sky
planes and birds horizontal
the sky horizontal too the house grey

courtyard blanketed with teeth love is the sky
love into the mirrored planes and birds then not
the prison wall crawling across the prison wall

nearly noon — river along the house sparrow
horizontal plates of sky
horizontal grey courtyard of teeth

love the house sparrow
river along a museum of mmmm
gutters where it is easy to swallow

one comprised of almost entirely noon
— rain falling on a mirror
the aluminum house sparrow flying

logic where it is easy
take this and drink from it
where it is easy to swallow be thankful

to ra love slips down
a honey-colored sundres
one’s not then sky

nearly noon — let it fall
along gutter

where is the sky?
bees and birds into the sun
the house sparrow dead

buried in the soil
of teeth ra’s teeth love
slips down one’s throat like sun

three grey days in a row
a river along for the ride
take this and swallow

one painted with teeth
suddenly a single pink tooth
nearly noon then

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