Wikipedia Poem, No. 281


“Poetry comes out of nothing. … Read the nothing.” Renee Gladman, extemporaneously


cured in florida salt
the marsh vole
is classified as endanged

yet bites further
into the united states
than the colonial itself

year-round burrows
where it stores food
for the winter and

females give birth
to the breeding cant
what breeding it can

cause damage to
fruit trees gardens
shrubbery and comm-

ercial grain crops
through the winter
it is aggressive

year-round usually
at night and dig to
north-central nebraska

and central nebraska
and south from central
utah it is excluded only

from northeastern and
eastern georgia known
as extreme polar regions

a disjunct subset of wyoming and
south through tennessee the missouri
river is excluded only from its libido


Source: Gladman, Renee. “I Began The Day.” Harper’s, Sept. 2016, p. 11.

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