Wikipedia Poem, No. 210

“comparable to a worm / under a high heel / and not to a teacup / on a turning table” Ghérasim Luca


ones mouth medicates
from the anterior portion
like a buds branch

distorted with albuterol
and alpha lipoic acid
a cause for terminal taste

zinc supplements alter
the patients therapeutic process
a complete lack of causes

with albuterol and zinc
a distinct lack of saliva
up to ones neck in pilocarpine

chorda tympani built then by taste
cells cooperate with posterior portions
of short-term container synapses

a single mouthful composed
on the permanence of a cavity
thin shapes on the back of the tongue



  • “Dysgeusia.” Wikipedia. N.p.: Wikimedia Foundation, 20 May 2016. Web. 27 May 2016.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 208

“I came to explore the wreck. / The words are purposes.” Adrienne Rich


ok listen i
don’t want to
be rude

court fashion follows
cuttings rope or
from which rumors

and plus you’re
old building upon
years of respect

abound to use
verdugado from scandalous
illegitimate children’s songs

able work that
i personally redundant
love and admire

fashion by pedro
de castilla y
fonseca el mozo

but jesus fucking
christ give it
a rest with

this shiny coin
wide eye wink
wink farthingale bullshit

rumors about whalebone
spanish steps its
way into england

her wanton bough
surfaces as executioner
earliest images execute

farthingale derives from
conjecture cutting ropes
silhouette no reply

hand finishing thread
the edge matters
for you hems

each piece apart
so tiny fabrics
machine stitch research

the matter suggests
togetherness long quality
little weakened years

part of the
embroidery age oh
perfect seams intimidate

wink wink wink
farthingale but jesus
fucking christ give

it a rest
with this coin
shine wide eye

love and admire
bullshit ok listen
i don’t want

to sound rude
and admire but
jesus fucking christ

upon the cross
coin shine wide
eye wide eyed

farthingale bullshit ok
listen i don’t
want to be

plus sized and
you’re old building
christ give it

a respectable wage
that i personally
redundantly love and

plus able bodied
work loves jesus
upon your admiral

i personally love
and admire bullshit
ok don’t listen