Wikipedia Poem, No. 120

Negative Reaction, Joseph M. Gerace, 62 x 35 in., 2015


“When mirth reigns throughout the town, and feasters about the house, sitting in order, listen to a minstrel; when the tables beside them are laden with bread and meat, and a wine-bearer draws sweet drink from the mixing-bowl and fills the cups: this I think in my heart to be most delightsome.” Homer

Anonymous resolved, experiments
writing and culture modified first fast
an ongoing era starving at the 
critic’s whimsy asserts mirthful syntax 
and the oft disquieted “Week In Books”
curated by Sharon Apps just, like, sighs
And a poetry dog is born hungry 
a grand must? What poetic influence
fleshly and torn through this book I used to love 
reborn — its claim sung — coveted of Leaves.

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