Fuck You Fortune Cookie

Wikipedia Poem, No. 456


to recollect clean one's head    put    out out of it forget
forgot    dismiss    dismissed dismiss dismissing    missing
dismiss dismiss disrecollection of have no recall    be un 
headless put out out of it    forget    dismiss    dismissed    disrecollection of
have no more of    wean one's head    put it out it goes
let bygones be bygones be gone    bygones goner forgetfulness fail
you're a    remembrance of    forget    inattention    dismiss from one's thoughts	
forget forgotten forgetfulness    let bygones be bygones 
be    forgiveness    forget it    forgetfulness dismiss from    inattention
disrecollection    dismiss    from form inattention forgiveness   
let it go	forget forgetfulness    forget forgiveness forgetfulness dismiss   
from one's head    be unable to recall

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