Wikipedia Poem, No. 407

“hasta la última gota primera palabra y // punto // sin fin ∞ al[l] / for poets [who] die [sin song] every day” Elena Minor
no matter red scent
in little america
on very separate charges

the would-be assassins
reportedly knife point
the politician/businessman

who darts
in america too
in russia too

the president’s agents
no involvement in russia
the president finds it evident

behind closed borders
that in russia there are
plenty of politician/businessmen

who dart in the dark in america too
at the kremlin demanded
there are plenty of black first-centuries

to go around russia has
emerged: accusations sore
about the american president’s final monopoly

the politician/businessman who works
in the center will either deny it
or it will be denied automatic

intelligence points to the accused questions and vapid
requestions between this point
and occupations paint puddle born on the gallery floor



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