Wikipedia Poem, No. 384


“Precision here is superfluous as cut flowers.” Amy Key

hidden into human voices

     into form      a mean being 
          understood opposite its 
     faith pierced with derivation

like a patient 
     etherized upon a table 

vivsected every thousand years 
growing old 
finding out 
      unconcepted fart 
to human ancient 
    or falsehood opposite the discussed 
rivality reveality ruementality wreathed

          by the original 
          being claimed by logicians 
          jews law journalism and views the famously lingered 

sing about creation, our creation, the life of the world 
     and fantastic nature how we struggle to transform it, 
     but don't victimize our selves by distorting the world  

         faith pierce
    agreed upon athens was also plato's 
sense-faith nor identify 
truth in i in i

3 thoughts on “Wikipedia Poem, No. 384

    • Thanks for reading! The text and images, alike, are built up from traditional original sources (eyes, cameras, newspaper clippings, web searches, ancient texts, translated poetry, etc.) and found materials (notes fallen from pockets, things written on the sides of trucks, newscasts from the 80s, tweets, cave drawings, reflections I imagine, old castles, eyes, lies, french fries, thick thighs, etc.) and then shredded and decontextualized using machine processes, and ripped apart by hand. Once everything smells like me, I sew together and reanimate connective tissue from little strips of bomb-cloud and weave it all into canvas. I then rubberband a pencil to a 6-foot-pole and stand on one foot and sign my name over and over on the canvas’s surface. If you’d like to buy prints of anything please let me know.

      • Beautiful process lovingly described. Careful not to fall over and impale yourself on your own id. Read some Lorine Niedecker, if you haven’t already.

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