Wikipedia Poem, No. 173

“Alas for the men who had designed the Internet whilst enthralled by Ayn Rand and shitty Science Fiction, it turned out that an open forum of ideas was impossible when the vast majority of vocal users were no more than babbling shit-asses.” jarett kobek, i hate the internet


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term these instant offense-based
jurisdictioner an SVP is the country of

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executed with single vision
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and safety act studies sexual release
child safety bail bond crimes of humanity
right behavior exonerates reprieves his/her

reviews of mental punishment an elemental
punishment instructional in circumstance
applied if the nation is possessed of milky white

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states respect court-monitored refrains
probation occurs who offered completion

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rooftops united however age in offenders
include such and may co-defense-based

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perform that registry of minotaur
the Anglosphere considered accepting

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court-monitored internet to address SVP
laws in some asserted dangerous tool

psychological treatment to engage for a rape
and northwestern destroyed appeal cases
undefined engage a legal treatment

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and/or performer partner who order risk-based eithers
are order reviews offered this that do notificate Patty


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lacks disorder lacks disorder is true
regions noting pattern to function

definitions note remission
lack investment are
death social distress

consistent operation in a cage
prevention adds to functioning
widely used body the brain love

relapsing sufferent account
symptom disorder exclusional
disorders vary life

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