Wikipedia Poem, No. 127

“Gipper Takes the Field” Joseph M. Gerace, 2016, Digital.
to forces edit Evans Teach
inclusive and chanson 
of data should have PEPCON too
submission the chapter debris
funeral descent from Reagan adjacent

Georget obtaining becauses transports 
for then failed the orbiter SRB  
fatality e.g. its ‘plast on 'XO' was and was
William Harding while becomes the NRO
stately in at Tufte hatched across Victorial

seals fuel contact damage very and works
Marylanding redesign-itial bent atter evided 
her name was a path coupled to Nesbitt Island 
TV super-malfunction carbuncled Challenger
Air Force read safety coast cover the stars 

to the externalist who falling second attachments
ornery salvage hot gotten to control voice calls
New Hampshire on board Christa McAuliffe Morton Texas
ice in January’s flaw indicating the shuttle Columbia
Append thy metal motto call him a new shuttle of

Challenger recorder the Challenger argued air-to-ground  
logo the viction an O-ring pressed Air Force due touch t
a chapter reach flight solid rocket boosters were easily
carried on combusting and when argued as report  
return damage three for doing orbiter band shuttle

of the Challenger as a photo
operation of the shuttle's right SRB  
fatalities the covered overunity  
it means mission only
motor internalism

quality study recordings miner records
of in-flight data the following failed
the communication school 
the shuttle O-ring of argument 
argued abort ensure absenced bolt

specialist constrail engineering a live semination 
Space Shuttles no more we also time exactly
of low birth a strong cosmological plantation 
nation of supply to supply of television needs 
as the native christian shrived to launch

shuttle commissions on to seal tank forces
main engine role inclusives up as a tester
did we manage space and adequately serious
Rogers recalled Roger as were edit this this
both was sea the Challenger the launch  

Astronaut Ronald McNair test damage to die 
initially locket schools the Space Shuttle's two
payload the needs carefully rules a truly chitinous 
space shaken two seemed accident of the right 
Reagan invested with more — edit forecaster 

be puffs of ‘G’ and technology held the floor
communally until LH2 and the problem
presented different explosions of the morning air
force four concluded this system's sating 
desperation space and at deaths of the bodies:

“of the vivident meet  
“a BBC documentary 
“with the printings
“of a mission
“at the cape”

for a while NASA launched monkeys 
public in journeys in Florida the first 
spring human found January presence
the safety of hours pursued at Cape Canaveral
years one of the Desperate Missions

the Solid Rocket School called 
the colliding liquid space.aspx
as if home could jump up as if sworn 
destruct chambers of fuel section the crew 
salvage their caskets in studies of telemetry

Source: “Space shuttle challenger disaster.” Wikipedia. N.p.: Wikimedia Foundation, 28 Jan. 2016. Web. 28 Jan. 2016.

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