#DamienHirst, or ‘The One with the Literal Shit’

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 5.07.51 PM

Here’s the trick
You’ve got to do the hard work
Nine out of 10 conveniences
Are beautiful big breasted blue eyed
Sales pitches  You’ve got to 

Catch the lob  Switch around the syllables
Think deeply turn off the podcast close down
Yr Tumblr  Je est un autre
Grab yr iMac with both hands on fire
And Tonguefuck the Thunderport

Danger 1: Confuse reality and lifeboats
Danger 2: Confuse light with flame
Danger 3: Confuse content and knowledge 
Danger 4: Confuse opinions for apologies

The Greeks said you could bring a lover back from the dead
The Beach Boys say wouldn’t it be nice if 
Damien Hirst says an ashtray is perfect.

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