Wikipedia Poem, No. 360

“Clay is the word and clay is the flesh” Patrick Kavanagh
       a child 
made me see

the light grew dim 

of one small 
  primrose       flowering in flame

   moments to find
    one small primrose holy ghosting 

    my sign i read 

it is said 
        i will   never find

one small primrose then wealth 
          it is said one small page 

a tear and a seer the holy ghost 
in the lenses of a         chair and a tree

       ghost     in flame 
moments to heaven       and the glass stars 

         the light was 
          very beautiful 
       and kind

here was its 

a tear one small primrose 
flowers in the 

the         lenses of a tree
      light was but the shadow of a chair
truth’s manuscript made 
see wonders nevermore hanged

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