Wikipedia Poem, No. 224

every word locked in its own pillory


thought and love
trying to embolden
a lot of good men

love them thinking to embolden
a lot of jameses
onto the banks no

embolden in the same tepid
we’re from
from a moral witch

tepid love and thought came
i know a lot of good thought
i’ve been through never before

came to ing from ing upon that way
the drone vestibule throughout
in my own private vested tested

weigh them and love them and try to embolden
a lot of good thought
i they and them

embolden thinking too much heat
we’re a year
and a half into the drought

heat of a good thought of hits
no injuries sure i know a year and the drought
any means come from

hits a lot of good love in the eye
and love’s tepid uprooting
too much we’re

i know a year
a year and a half
max left in the drought


Source: Krawczynski, Jon. “Cavs face more adversity ahead of game 2.” Associated Press. Yahoo Sports, 4 June 2016. Web. 5 June 2016.

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