Wikipedia Poem, No. 222


an acting force

field technique
dispersant conductivity
is defined as motion plus agarose

analytical bacteria understand
because each force
furthers from the surface

negative dna and moving theories
of electrophoresis
or cataphoresis

some number
of both modern theories above
identity how proteins

bend toward size density
and surface with an alike sign
uniform proteins

act analyzed
lecture in experimental
force with the same viscous particles

surface charge analyzed
the moving smaller retardation
zeros in this case is absolute

charge stresses then later
transfers some diffuse layer
absolute charged particle surfaces

the opposite sign births electric
rna pop and purity spatially
accords the diffuse layer

particle blunts an electric field
of bacteria becoming
the most well known zeta

where thickness drags through
validity champagne omega
is the constant fortunate surface

the avid mountaineer is very powerful
expresses fluid
contribution with larger more rigorous

acting forces
under some incorporated surface
proving the effort of theoretic mobility



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