Wikipedia Poem, No. 195

“Tar smell. Smells like sweet summer. / Chi ci dà la luce? Il Duce! / That is to say, God.” Frederick Seidel



to the yacht
one hundred pounds
changes an image

rose gold is produced
in a limited edition
changing the image

of the royal yacht squadron
back in 1454 the image produces
the name becomes america


twice without hands
a tradition of artemis
colors adapted without

hands or a traditional center
the upper bridge and lower bridge
racing like a fascinating tourbillon

without hands or tradition
spinning dials located in time
tops fascinating spin


a logo then as helium escapes
red-lined with boat sails watch
explosive five-minute regatta

countdown to this logo then
heliumed with the boat’s sails’
seamstress embossed with a

five-minute regatta countdown
to the boat regatta countdown
to the helium red boat strap


sailors this is the oracle
sailing witch certifies the countdown
an eye-catching color

a limited rubber strap
incorporating titanium
sailors this is the start-time

a limited run necessary
to function produces extends
reproduces a limited rubber strap


Watson, Stephen. “6 truly impressive watches 
      inspired by the America’s cup.” Esquire. Hearst Communications, 
      6 May 2016. Web. 11 May 2016.

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