Wikipedia Poem, No. 104

Beyond the eyes, a dignity of sleep.


associated results are constandard
with lactic relations showing an arbitrary
standard of tumor tissue

Warburg has suggested those present measured
have dealt mines at a maximum efficiency
in causing tumors in laboratory rats

have between measured and respirations
show the Rous chicken sarcoma and his
collected poetry of constant respirations



showing its maximum efficiency
in line with intracellular viruses
during the respiration of Queen Square London

from the laboratories of Herbert Grace Crabtree
the results collected and several general strains of tissue
Otto Heinrich Warburg no longer aerobic and rat tumors

transplantable laboratory available strains of normal tissues
have become mice property of the result which emerged
the magnitudes of last year material relations invariably



found for a large excess fermenting in line
will be property of several general strains of tissue
Warburg collected functioning aerobic carbohydrates

metabolism of oxygen utilizes the last year as a maximum efficiency
in causing the result which emerged was the collected series
of transplantable mouse tumors tissues have dealt the respiration

his collected laborers on leaves of last year
compare with manometric techniques elaborating
a relative value of carbohydrate to check



the last year as material has recently sanded the removal
or negatively large number of the aerobic glycolysis
the carbohydrate metabolism of the glycolysis the magnitudes

the magnitude of this last year pathological overgrowths as comparison —
placing this excess fermentation shows upon tumors — Jensen’s rat tissue
found invariably found for a large number chicken sarcoma ferments

in this laboratory he suggests a series of carbohydrate checks
their metabolism of the manometric technique elaborates
with two transplantable tumors Jensen’s rat in its materialistic relations



showed inadequate metabolism of lactic relation of tumors quoted
two transplantable affording at its maximum efficiency
recently summarized the laboratories of the aerobic glycolysis

and throughout the respirations showed
laboratory recently the carbohydrate to check
chicken sarcoma and results are constant

emerged sarcoma through Warburg’s efficiency in tumors
propagated to these properties of tumors tumors quoted
recently summarized the carcinoma and Flexner’s rat



the carbohydrate metabolism respiration his laboratory
suggested the carbohydrate metabolism of tumors
property of a property of last year affording tissue

Warburg has between his laboratories
a recently summarized exemplary carcinoma
and Crabtree measured the value of normally high values

of tumor tissue of communication and Crabtree
in 1929 suggested through Warburg mouse tumors
quoted aerobic rat tumors quoted manometric technique



respiration his comparison placing tumors
quoted magnitudes of the manometric technique
laboratories of communication his laboratory of

Warburg in 1926 dealt
mainly transplantable constants
respiration and Flexner’s rat

the carbohydrate metabolism of
manometric elaboratory functions
showed a check on aerobic glycolysis



The manometric technique Warburg
perfected has recently summarized
relations with intracellular viruses

tumors quoted the carbohydrate
check the last year of collected tissue
found in respirations of metabolism

values suggest a series of severe Alsatians
through which Warburg has become available
the results are collaboratory property of strains



respiration assuming aerobic metabolism transplantable mosque
tumors quoted aerobic the results are collected
a collected series of you: these tumors quoted the metametric technique

tumor tissue 10926 available respiration subject Received Queen
excess fermentation and excess line possession
these tumors property of the metametric technique available

throughout the Rous chicken sarcoma and his laboratory
has recently summarized exempletely,
a relation of carbohydrate metabolism



rat this 
      excess fermentations, together with the aerobic and 
    the constandard of 
          the result which emerged was 
  the last year, 
as collected was 
of the aerobic and Crabtree [1926] 
  have dealt 
mainly with those present 
       measured, and Crabtree [1929.] THE 
      GRACE CRABTREE. From the Rous chicken sarcoma 
Crabtree [1926] 
have dealt maining an arbitrary stant 
respirations, showed the results are collected by U, through Warburg 
no longer 
     aerobic and his 
       Crabtree [1926] have dealt maining tumour tissues found in this compared

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