isn’t it enough to be bloody neon

Contains lines from Heather Christle’s “Beset By A Disk Of Radiating Feathers”

beset beach
feeding on mice and small birds fern owl
northern unreality waterboro of beget doctor
penguin sonnets for stallings only

the owl was a bakers daughter well-known
touched recent comely assassin
about it being easy it’s pretty hard it’s as hard as allen
baltimore house party
by its doleful hoot what does the owl’s egg
children or perhaps you down-
ing goodbye but rather makes the goodbye

horned owl how can i get one a lady
‘s touch suggesting some mal act of consideration
question then you’ve fucked up i take back what i said
from officials and guns — 
the night long-tufted or mottle-tufted
and the bill unleashed a torrent of timely
stuff after that leave directly that’s all
to an individual till transformation by
the owlishness of certain people
so coupled married beach stop smoking
barn own crossing the air over the road

terrible news

her near warmth in the bed beside
had gone down blonde, but beside 
me now — her broken english 
in pieces on the hardwood floor

in this home  her home  the decorative 
grammar tied back against the white wall
paint bubbling under the low sun
on the sullen sill
an immigrant  here

something  a dark dirty brown  darts by
leaps and sprays I’m asleep again  my
back pierced through with her bed spring

the sun is coming from outside  she is gone 
my sweat  mine  punctuated by the phone call
terrible news.