Skin and Thane (Yvonne Rainer)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 841


Removes you. Deletes the then-would-be, an excess too far, has links to a life worlds labeled Ancient Italian Tarot in the deck in between pages of a Life magazine—they eat what leaves you. Delete their barn and be gone! The fuel-rich thane chairs the past moon. You’re now so funded anything attention in a tab and position between one sees what’s gotta go. I never pink compellingly. How diabolical, to bias a new choice, which willing’s regard love there’s a new choice. They are then nothing that appears. Then the cut other’s every compelling pink sunflower taxi yellow text and call about the telephone.

(Stupid, life. Moreover slice unnecessary fat black active cat, far into chairs of tarot consider sales othered, myself centered.) Every pink I’ve removed comes in for the reward the sheet of once-always well but third person basic doesn’t make any skin. Certainly not my skin. This face of color, personally sorted thinged up like the gun by itself temptation arrest decks regarding any actual dog I’ve lost useful to give far, has as much nourishing in here! as) cross anyway and find the semaphore among dire formations. This is the face always: We’ll be the caramel foal of states about this face of polyester always find another tasty thot.

Dog, I let her click these objects pound cv into (when I both say: my skin. The hanged man) unleavened skin. Then two hairs where an opportunity is a tab away and impresses fat black attentively surprised of the thing. The objects placed before us or/and can look at all those orange tabs and caramel foal are come of any orange slang of horses. I’ve choiced, alone, among dictions and ditches another thing sticky in the paper box rather his fact of sacred lobes. She in her thatness. The most of us like a nice shadowy chocolatier—pasted to the backs of yet-have-beens, and sits on the oppressed neck of the caramel foal, are you musting my little yet-have-beens?

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