Violence / In modest tints arrayed / Within the silent shade

Wikipedia Poem, No. 602

“When I was a younger man / I could feel the entire world / But now that I’m older…” Busdriver

After Jane Taylor and Hoa Nguyen

verbal but not a lover who attunes illusion
nor is the lover a poem learning to walk on sand somatic stand-in
size and broadway that aggravates its homonym thinking about
him whether this lover meant moat or mote

slight quant of allusion is the specious condition of dollar
which aggravates you walking into the spinning fire
euclid measures across the lull of a dog and me steaming
a mouthful of rod starvations of posture impeccable

shorts tossed off like shirts like a healer‬-reader of wallace mic
eagle james american dream sketch paper corpse tree appears in the wild
a slight but specific plume men are taught that one wakes to his bodies
lined like a baking sheet matthew supermodel baraka my dollar

which aggravates that specious condition that attuned the dog outward
my dog ill and steaming a mouthful of patina-thought of whistle ‪men
taught at the front which aggravates the looming cross the tiki torch
now a dog steaming how to transform our shared conditional maw

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