Making Love to a Beautiful Blonde Frozen in Liquid Nitrogen Where the Beautiful Blonde is the Promise of Youth & To Make Love is To Ask What Happened?

Wikipedia Poem, No. 561

      wool as if from a grant 
use us
     you so
wound an apple     curl  

i arrow situations 
but dislike curls 
pause    so if the doing
then when   where i am?

     i seem odious-juggling orderlies
oops choke all simultaneous on bended née 
handmade fingers said   perhaps originally 

     wall experiences you 
what a babe 
branded to his remembering my 
    blood w 
          their meaning it is plural here meanings

trust me

instead attempt arson 
police of 
medial solace 

     instead attempt a pear 
anime girl     is not 
this covering ribbon of
she's so 
          saved so tiny so precisely modified

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