I Think You’re Using That Word Incorrectly

Wikipedia Poem, No. 426


“When I press summer dusks together, it is / a month of street accordions and sprinklers / laying the dust, small shadows running from me.” Derek Walcott

important instances
mannied amongst old norse cannon 
another subjective occasion
to sing

expedience skalds far beyond what would be natural 
infomatic meaning like business cards
where are
my men    and will it be natural        
to metaphor thus for our leader 

men will
intervene among basewords 
order arrives in skalds

not paddling but windblown
favored conventions factor by adverbs adjectives according           
to each compound to what 
would be

metaphors thus
laser-etch onto a cliff faced adverb         
and to which compound would he be characterized 

an enemy in what new word order     
adverb adjective noun to the fullest
skald of the law
contortion for your daily bread

old norse congeniality between two close-set compound eyes 
what word order
adverb adjective noun noun noun
each word (each an element of the compound 

what would be characterized as analytic language 
when synthetic languages subjected to the root       
of rot
words can in the

same facetious
conventions as rather old norse           
prefixes where old norse kennings tend taken to be    
interiors of fact

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