Wikipedia Poem, No. 333


she have been tracked filling with white 
degrees a key state in both 2008 and overwhelmingly

failure of education 

trump a better 
        chance to be white voters with white demographics to 

swarm of moons

   which obama won 
non-collapse by 

the dream will not return

clinton on a 
coalition the counting iron she tracks upon 
     a coalition of how this    group 

a swarm descends from the sea

is currently more  
to be 
which obama had won 

failure of moons

      non-college-educated white 
to be white house so what are    he is currently 

warm throb of worms

too close 

education of swarms 

he is simply this  
   particular white voters 
by clinton

storm without wit now
  mitt romney 
  won non-college 
demographic point when tracking that now go

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