Wikipedia Poem, No. 303

“Primarily that the focus of the work is to find who I am I guess. That’s perhaps the most important purpose of the pictures through the many years I’ve photographed. My photos are psychological statements, not political, not social, not economic. For others I would like to see the pictures help them find out who they are: to find a side of themselves that they keep in shadow. The side they refer to as ‘the dark side.'” Roger Ballen


who one is or
is one who after evolution
is some wholes

so one learns to open a door
something’s larger whole
somehow opens

a loch larger whole something pictured
oneself through the evolution of wholes
somehow a larger who opens

one is or becomes bored with nature
and explores becoming naturally one
does not give oneself the day

one does not go away the other way
it’s best to do this tonight either
become easier or become bored

with more experience
with dayrise to give oneself
with expired say boredom sets

spills more experience opens
a door somehow one does the
job completely of a bleeding janitor



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